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Firefly - in4ray Gaming Development Kit


Currently master branch contains version 1.0.5 which is partly merged with version 1.1. Firefly 1.1 will be completely reworked framework based on knowledge and expirience acquired in Firefly 1.0.

What is Firefly?

Firefly SDK is an Open Source Development Kit were developed to simplify application creation process and is aimed to improve project infrastructure and maintainability. The open source Firefly framework extends Starling framework capabilities and features.

Respository structure

  • firefly - the open source game framework which includes following features (Read more):
    • Texture Management
    • View Navigation
    • Lots of UI Controls
    • Layout System
    • Navigation Map
    • View Map
    • Animation Effects
    • Data Binding
    • Async Calls
    • Sound Management
    • Analytics System
    • ... and a lot more
  • bin - libraries and extensions:
    • Firefly Framework - precompiled SWC library ready for use
    • Starling Framework - SWC library (v.1.3)
    • Google Analytics ANE - Air Native Extension for Google Analytics on iOS and Android platforms (v.0.2.04)
    • Chartboost ANE - Air Native Extensiob for Chartboost on iOS and Android platforms
    • Audio ANE - Air Native Extension for Audio playback on Android platform
  • examples - public source code of game "Zombie: Rising Up" (available on Google Play and Apple Store)
  • templates - ready to use projects with predefined game flow

More about Firefly