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Deliciously Simple PHP Interface to CouchDB REST API (Inspired by CouchRest for Ruby and couchdb-python libraries). Main design principle of Settee is to be easy and fun to use and not get in your way.


Inspired by: CouchRest library for Ruby and the couchdb-python library.

Server Functions

  1. Specify a server:
    $server = new SetteeServer('');
  2. Database API
    1. Create a database:
      $ret = $server->create_db('irakli_test');
    2. Drop a database:
      $ret = $server->drop_db('irakli_test');
    3. List all databases:
      $ret = $server->list_dbs();
    4. Get a database object
      $db = $server->get_db('irakli_test');
  3. Document API
    1. Create/Update a document:
      $ret = $db->save($doc);
    2. Retrieve a document:
      $db_doc = $db->get($id);
    3. Determine the latest revision_id for a document:
      $rev = $db->get_rev($id);
    4. Delete a document:
      $db_doc = $db->delete($doc);
  4. Attachments API
    1. Add content as attachment:
      $db->add_attachment($doc, "foo.txt", "Some text that will be base64 encoded", "text/plain");
    2. Add a file path to be attached:
      $db->add_attachment_file($doc, "foo.pdf", $file_path, "application/pdf");
    3. Add a file path to be attached (mime-type is auto-detected):
      $db->add_attachment_file($doc, "foo.pdf", $file_path);
    4. Full attachment saving example:
      $doc = new stdClass();
      $doc→id = “attachment_doc”;
      $file_path = dirname(
      _FILE__) . “/resources/couch-logo.pdf”;
      $this→db→add_attachment_file($doc, “foo.pdf”, $file_path, “application/pdf”);
      $db_doc = $this→db→save($doc);
    5. ATTENTION: there is no “load_attachments” method, because when you load a document, all its attachments get loaded with it, as well.
  5. Views API
    1. Create a new view or save a view:
      $view = $db->save_view("some_design_document_id", "a_view_name", $map_src);
      $view = $db->save_view("some_design_document_id", "a_view_name", $map_src, $reduce_src);
    2. Get a view (run query and get results):
      $view = $db->get_view("some_design_document_id", "a_view_name");
    3. Parametrized view:
      $view = $db->get_view("some_design_document_id", "a_view_name", "2009/02/17 21:13:39");
    4. Parametrized view with key range:
      $view = $db->get_view("some_design_document_id", "a_view_name", array("2009/01/30 18:04:11", "2009/02/17 21:13:39"));
    5. Parametrized view with key range, ordered descending:
      $view = $db->get_view("some_design_document_id", "a_view_name", array("2009/01/30 18:04:11", "2009/02/17 21:13:39"), true);


  1. PHP 5.2 or newer


  1. PHP 5.3 or newer. With PHP 5.2 following functionality will not work:
    1. Some unit-tests
    2. Mime type auto-detection.
  2. pecl_http
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