The programming material from my kivy crash course youtube series.
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Kivy Crash Course

This repository contains material relating to my Kivy Crash Course youtube series, a set of (mostly) <10m videos walking users through the creation of a first kivy app, followed by a succession of changes and more advanced concepts to let the app use all of kivy's power.

Most video directories contain a few main files. The python is in and, containing the code at the start and end of the video respectively. You can download and run to follow along with the tutorial, or download and run to try the code after I've made the tutorial changes. Kv language definitions are in tutorial.kv, and if this changes through the video then the initial and final kv files will be tutorial.kv_before and tutorial.kv_after respectively. If using these, you'll need to rename them appropriately.

Some videos have an associated notes.txt, containing any notes I wrote to go with them or to help keep track of what I wanted to say.


You can find a youtube playlist with all the Kivy Crash Course videos at, or the individual videos are at:


The following are my direct plans for the next few videos and general ideas for future topics. Feel free to suggest more!

Next videos:

  • Modules (inspector, others?)
  • Windows installation/packaging?

Future topics:


  • How to make/use your own events
  • Using twisted?
  • An android/ios datetime vertical carousel
  • Creating a standalone package via pyinstaller
  • Installation procedure on windows/osx
  • Catering for different screen sizes for consistent ui/sizes on different devices
  • Video about using maps (combine with android?)