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Control the Itho Daalderop Eco Fan RFT using ESP8266 / Nodemcu
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I used A CC1101 module, might work with others like CC1150.

Connections between the CC1101 and the ESP8266:
CC11xx pins    ESP pins   		Description
*  1 - VCC        VCC         	3v3
*  2 - GND        GND     		Ground
*  3 - MOSI       13=D7  		Data input to CC11xx
*  4 - SCK        14=D5			Clock pin
*  5 - MISO/GDO1  12=D6			Data output from CC11xx / serial clock from CC11xx
*  6 - GDO2       ? 			Programmable output
*  7 - GDO0       ?  			Programmable output
*  8 - CSN        15=D8 		Chip select / (SPI_SS)

Beware that the CC11xx modules are 3.3V (3.6V max) on all pins! This won't be a problem with an ESP8266, but for Arduino you either need to use a 3.3V Arduino or use levelshifters and a separate 3.3V power source.

For SPI, pins 12-15 ()aka D5-D8) are used, a larger ESP8266 model like (but not only) the ESP-03, ESP-07, ESP-12(D, E) or a NodeMCU board is required.

Added a web interface and simple API to control it from something like

![alt tag]( panel.JPG)

Also able to give commands by USB

alt tag

API work like this:


OTA updates work with .bin files!

I am not a programmer!! Use at your own RISK!!

There is also a MQTT version

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