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Open Source Collaborative enterprise meeting scheduling tool.
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⚠️ WARNING: newdle is not yet fully finished and is still under heavy development 🚧

While it should be already usable in production, do so at your own risk!

Most important missing features:

We would really appreciate your help, please have a look at the full list of GitHub issues we need a hand with!

Newdle Travis Build Status License Made at CERN!

Newdle is the new, shiny tool brought to you by the Indico Team @ CERN 🎉 Here at CERN we hold a lot of meetings. While Indico makes it super easy to manage those meetings, we still lose a lot of time 📈 trying to schedule them, which usually involves numerous emails and private messages. That is what newdle has been created for: to streamline the process of choosing the perfect date and time 🗓 for your next meeting/event.

Newdle is part of the MALT project.

A sneak peek of Newdle

Why another tool?

It's true that there are already several commercial and Open Source solutions available that provide ad-hoc "polls". However, we have noticed that none of those tools seem to offer, at the same time, a user-friendly and modern interface and the additional freedom and flexibility that come with being part of an Open Source ecosystem. Additionally, none of them seem to seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems.


newdle can currently fetch free-busy information from Exchange servers. This information can be used while deciding on candidate slots ("when is everyone free?") as well as when answering to a "poll" ("when am I free?"). We are currently working on integrating with other providers.

newdle is also developed by the same people who are behind Indico, and that's not by pure chance. newdle naturally complements Indico, as it targets what comes immediately before the actual creation of a meeting. This is why we would like to have the possibility to create meetings on Indico once a final date is decided (still work in progress!).


We chose Python 3.7 as the backend language, so make sure you have it installed. To prepare the development environment it is enough to run make which takes care of installing all required dependencies inside a new virtualenv. Typically that will be the .venv directory unless you override the environment variable VENV e.g. VENV=.virtualenv make.

Make sure you have the python3.7 binary in your PATH. You can also use the PYTHON environment variable to override the location of the python binary. e.g.:

$ PYTHON=/usr/bin/python3.7 make

Database schema

Before running the alembic migrations make sure you have created a database called newdle (or adjust the config file). Having done that, run flask db upgrade to upgrade the schema.

⚠️ Schema changes ⚠️

At the initial stages of the development it might be pretty common to change the DB schema which also incurs modifications to the SQLAlchemy models. To facilitate the process of keeping actual schema and models in sync we provide make newdb command. The purpose of it is to update the initial alembic revision (according to the models declared) and recreate your local database. This is a destructive operation! This command will be removed as soon as there are more alembic revisions.

Running the development server

To run the dev servers, use make flask-server and make react-server (in separate terminals). You can use the FLASK_HOST, FLASK_PORT and REACT_PORT environment variables to override where the dev servers will listen (make sure to set it for both dev servers, since the React server needs to know where the Flask app is running).

Once everything is running, you can access the webapp on if you did not change any of the ports.

Use the BROWSER environment variable if you want to prevent new browser windows being opened every time you run make react-server.

BROWSER=none make react-server

Other available make targets

We provide a couple of additional make targets that should streamline the development process:

  • make clean - removes all generated files
  • make distclean - runs clean target first and removes config files afterwards
  • make lint - runs pycodestyle and flake8, which report possible code style issues
  • make newdb - recreates the DB tables according to the SQLAlchemy models (run it every time you update the models)
  • make format - runs code formatters over the entire codebase (black, isort, prettier)
  • make test - runs Python and React tests
  • make build - builds a Python wheel which then could be used to install newdle in production
Made at CERN
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In applying the MIT license, CERN does not waive the privileges and immunities granted to it by virtue of its status as an Intergovernmental Organization or submit itself to any jurisdiction.

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