Docker support for OpenNebula
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This project intends to provide support for OpenNebula to create Docker containers and deliver them to the end user as if they were Virtual Machines.

What is ONEDock?

ONEDock is a set of extensions for OpenNebula to use containers as if they were virtual machines (VM).

The concept of ONEDock is to configure Docker to act as an hypervisor. It behaves just as KVM does in the context of OpenNebula.

For more questions related to ONEDock, please check the FAQ

Is it difficult to install?

Not at all, with only a few commands you can have your ONEDock installation ready. See installation for more details.

How can I use use it?

A complete use case is described in the section using ONEDock

I want to use ONEDock now !

If you want to check the wonderful capabilities of ONEDock but you don't want to mess with your machines, you can check the section quick deployment of a testing environment

Full Documentation

Check the gitbook for full documentation, examples, operational details and other information.