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SNRHUDKit Update Aug 19, 2012

SNRHUDKit: 100% code-drawn, resolution independent HUD controls for AppKit

SNRHUDKit is a framework that brings missing HUD controls and interface elements to AppKit. All of the controls are fully compatible with OS X 10.6 and 10.7. Each of the NSControl subclasses are completely independent (aside from a few categories) so you are free to pick and choose the controls you need instead of using the entire framework.


As of Xcode 4, IBPlugins are no longer supported. Therefore, you will need to either programatically create the controls OR drag out the standard non-HUD version of the control in Interface Builder and change the cell class to the appropriate HUD class provided in SNRHUDKit.

Work in Progress

SNRHUDKit is nowhere near complete at this time. The only controls/elements that have been at least partially implemented are:

  • Window (SNRHUDWindow)
  • Segmented control (SNRHUDSegmentedCell)
  • Text view (SNRHUDTextView)
  • Rounded and checkbox buttons (SNRHUDButtonCell)
  • Text field (SNRHUDTextFieldCell)

Here's a mockup of what the complete set of elements will look like:



SNRHUDKit is licensed under the BSD license.

Coded by Indragie Karunaratne and Designed by Tyler Murphy