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git clone [your fork]
bundle exec rails s

And, if you're on macOS or another OS with this command available to you, you can stay in the terminal but open your browser using open http://localhost:3000.

To access the admin pages, visit http://localhost:3000/admins/sign_in and use the seeded admin with password indyhacker


Tests can be ran with $ bundle exec rake spec or $bundle exec rspec

For the system (end-to-end) specs, Google Chrome is required to be installed on the system running the tests.

To Do

These are ideas, anyway.


  • Use Google calendar API instead of widgets for calendar on the front page?
  • Should the main, content-y stuff be static leaving the job board as the only thing requiring "a backend" (which we could locate at
  • Offer meeting organizers a list of open weekday evenings, pulled dynamically from current calendar data.

Job Board

  • Read-only API
  • Allow hackers to apply on the site, rather than finding info in the post
    • GitHub link
    • LinkedIn link
    • Upload resume
  • Make it work well on mobile devices
  • Consider using a completely different design from the main site for the job board