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Server-side console.log() for your Rails application

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Have you ever wanted to type console.log() in your rails app?

def index
  @people = People.all.age_less_than_20

Handcar lets you to push data from your rails application to firebug console.

In Action

  • Here is your action:

    def index
        honk('Handcar is ruby on rails console for your firebug')
        honk(['this is string',2,{:hash_in => 'Array'},5,6])
        honk({:simple_hash => {:hash_in => 'Hash'}, :in => ''})
  • And here is you firebug console:
    handcar output in firebug console

  • And moreover, when you get an error, it will display all your honks before that error:
    handcar output in firebug console
    I think you have got the idea


Handcar has two parts: rails plugin & firefox plugin.
Both had to be installed:

  • Firefox extention
  • Rails plugin:
    ./script/plugin install git://

Possible issues

  • Handcar aims only local development process. It will not communicate with non-localhost machine.
  • You will not see actual ruby objects in firebug. Of course it is your objects' representations in JSON format

Source code

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