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The INET Framework is developed by Andras Varga.
List of contributors:
----- INET Framework contributors -----
Patch for getting Ethernet and ARP working with IP; ARPTest example, 2004:
* Emin Ilker Cetinbas <>
----- INET Framework -----
INET Framework maintainer:
* Andras Varga <>
The INET Framework is loosely based on the IPSuite from University of
Karlsruhe. After by extensive restructuring and rewrite, very little
of the original code could be kept -- most if it has been completely
rewritten in 2003-2004 by Andras Varga.
Changes include: UDP, IP, PPP, TCP reimplemented; TCPSocket added;
Ethernet and MPLS models integrated; extensive refactoring on MPLS
and RSVP; LDP reimplemented; added ARP; added app models for TCP and
Ethernet; added network configurators; added neddoc documentation.
----- Ethernet model -----
Ethernet model (2003):
* David Wu <>
* Andras Varga <>
----- Original MPLS code -----
MPLS, LDP, RSVP-TE models, 2003:
* Xuan Thang Nguyen <>
----- Old IPSuite -----
Design and coding of original IPSuite (UDP, IP, PPP), 2000:
* Klaus Wehrle <>
* Jochen Reber <>
* Dirk Holzhausen <>
Old TCP (, obsoleted by new TCP) design and initial coding, 2000:
* Volker Boehm <>
* Verena Kahmann <>
* Uli Kaage <>
Bugfixes to old TCP (, obsoleted by new TCP), 2003, 2004:
* Donald Liang (LYBD), Virginia Tech
* Jeroen Idserda, University of Twente
* Joung Woong Lee (zipizigi), University of Tsukuba
RTP models (not yet integrated as of April 2004):
* Matthias Oppitz <>
* Arndt Buschmann <>
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