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SETUP: Building a symptom-checking application with JavaScript ES6

Are you looking for a base solution to set up your symptom-checking application with JavaScript? See how to do it with Infermedica API.

In this example, we present a web-based symptom checker written in pure JavaScript ES6 (without using any frameworks) and all essential information that you might need while working with Infermedica API and JavaScript ES6. The example is a good starting point and inspiration for the further development of your application.

This example is a tutorial and is not intended to be a production-ready solution.

For more inspiration, best practices and examples, please go to Infermedica API documentation.

Applications based on Infermedica API

Infermedica API enables you to develop a triage and prediagnosis application that resembles a basic interview with a doctor and provides you with information on the most probable symptoms and conditions.

It uses Artificial Intelligence API provided by Infermedica as an engine for symptom analysis.

The most recent Infermedica API documentation is always available on our Developer Portal.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

Are you interested in this solution but lacking the developers' team who could ensure the highest quality of implementation process? Check out Symptom Checker developed by Infermedica and see how we can support you in its implementation. Contact us ➡️

Getting started

Providing API credentials

First of all, you have to obtain your app-id and app-key to use API. To do so, please register at Infermedica's Developer Portal to get the necessary credentials, then edit the file src/settings.js.

const settings = {
  'app-id': 'your-id-here',
  'app-key': 'your-key-here'

export default settings;

⚠️ Please keep your API credentials in a secret place.


Before you start working with this example, please ensure that you have node installed in your system. Please refer to the docs to find out the most suitable way depending on your OS.

This project uses yarn as a dependency manager. Ensure that you have yarn installed before going to the next step.

# npm install -g yarn

Installing further dependencies with yarn

After making sure that you have yarn, please go to the root directory and type:

yarn install

This command will install all dependencies necessary to run this project.

Running the app in development mode

To run our app on your computer, please type:

yarn dev

This command will run the server locally on your computer in development mode. You will be able to use our API with this app.

Future improvements

Do you have any ideas on what you’d like to see in our symptom checker? Create an issue and let us know!


The solution presented above is just an example of applications using Infermedica API and JavaScript ES6 and is not a production-ready solution. If you are looking for a white-labeled solution for symptom checking, please check out Symptom Checker developed by Infermedica.


This application is available on MIT license.


Symptom checker example written in vanilla ES6








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