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Infinispan Web Management Console
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  • Install node.js and npm
  • Install gulp globally (use sudo if needed): npm install gulp -g
  • run npm install to install local packages and client dependencies
  • Configure jspm to avoid GitHub rate limit errors, see here for details.
  • Install jspm globally (use sudo if needed): npm install jspm -g
  • run jspm install
  • NOTE: you will need to repeat the step above if there are some changes to package.json

Setting up the server (we need it for web application to fetch data, you do this only once)

  • you need JDK 7 or 8 and Maven
  • from the top-level of infinispan ($ISPN_HOME) run: ./ clean package -DskipTests
  • cd $ISPN_HOME/server/integration/build/target/infinispan-server-*
  • run ./bin/ -u admin -p !qazxsw2 -g admin to create an admin user

Running web application

  • run server by going to $ISPN_HOME/server/integration/build/target/infinispan-server-* and running ./bin/
  • Run locally in development mode by utilising the gulp:serve task detailed below

Creating Typescript documentation

Gulp Tasks

Gulp tasks

Serve application in browser

gulp serve            # Serves application, watch *.js, reload
gulp serve --watch-ts # Serves application, watch *.ts, recompile, reload (useful without TypeScript IDE compilation)
gulp serve:dist       # Serves application from bundled dist file

Validate sources with specified rules defined in :

  • tslint.json for TypeScript
  • .eslintrc for JavaScript
gulp check              # check all
gulp check:eslint       # checks gulp tasks and gulpfile (only not generated js files in this repo)
gulp check:tslint       # checks TypeScript files from src/ and test/ directory
gulp check:tslint:src   # checks TypeScript files from src/ directory
gulp check:tslint:test  # checks TypeScript files from src/ directory

Angular Bundling

gulp ng:directives      # bundles directives from templateUrl to template
gulp ng:annotate        # adds ng annotate to typescript output

Run TypeScript compiler

gulp compile      # compile all
gulp compile:src  # compile *.ts files from source directory

Build dist folder

gulp build      # build all
gulp build:dist # creates self executable dist directory


gulp clean      # clean both src and dist folders
gulp clean:src  # removes *.map, *.js and *.css files from source directory
gulp clean:dist # removes the created dist folder
gulp clean:all  # calls clean:src and clean:dist as well as removing the node_modules and typings folders.


gulp typedoc      # create documentation for service layer
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