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## [6.10.2](v6.10.1...v6.10.2) (2021-05-10)

### Bug Fixes

* **boilerplate dx:** Added react-native-clean-project ([#1679](#1679) by [@nirre7]( ([01db1ed](01db1ed))

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Ignite - the hottest React Native boilerplate

npm version

Battle-tested React Native boilerplate

The culmination of five years of constant React Native development, Ignite is the most popular React Native app boilerplate for both Expo and bare React Native.

This is the React Native boilerplate that the Infinite Red team uses on a day-to-day basis to build client apps. Developers who use Ignite report that it saves them two to four weeks of time on average off the beginning of their React Native project!

NOTE: Ignite CLI version 6.0 now includes the boilerplate -- read the blog post to find out why!

Tech Stack

Ignite apps include the following rock-solid technical decisions out of the box:

  • React Native
  • React Navigation 5
  • MobX-State-Tree (Why not Redux?)
  • MobX-React-Lite
  • TypeScript
  • AsyncStorage (integrated with MST for restoring state)
  • apisauce (to talk to REST servers)
  • Flipper-ready
  • Reactotron-ready (and pre-integrated with MST)
  • Supports Expo out of the box
  • And more!

Quick Start


Run the CLI:

# for vanilla React Native
npx ignite-cli new PizzaApp
# or for Expo-powered:
npx ignite-cli new PizzaApp --expo

Ignite will walk you through the rest. If you'd like to follow a tutorial, check out this one from Robin Heinze.


The true gem of Ignite. Generators help you scaffold your app very quickly, be it for a proof-of-concept, a demo, or a production app. Generators are there to save you time, keep your code consistent, and help you with the basic structure of your app.

npx ignite-cli generate --help

...will give you information on what generators are present. To learn more, check out our Generators documentation.


If you run into problems, first search the issues in this repository. If you don't find anything, you can come talk to our friendly and active developers in the Infinite Red Community Slack (

Further Reading