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## [8.8.2](v8.8.1...v8.8.2) (2023-05-23)

### Bug Fixes

* **boilerplate:** Podfile update for hermes-engine ([#2442](#2442) by [@frankcalise]( ([e118b11](e118b11))
* **boilerplate:** update Text sizeStyles to use satisfies ([#2437](#2437) by [@frankcalise]( ([2e96d78](2e96d78))

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September 26, 2022 11:18

Ignite README Splash Image

Ignite - the battle-tested React Native boilerplate

npm version CircleCI

Battle-tested React Native boilerplate

The culmination of over six years of constant React Native development, Ignite is the most popular React Native app boilerplate for both Expo and bare React Native.

This is the React Native boilerplate that the Infinite Red team uses on a day-to-day basis to build client apps. Developers who use Ignite report that it saves them two to four weeks of time on average off the beginning of their React Native project!

Tech Stack

Nothing makes it into Ignite unless it's been proven on projects that Infinite Red works on. Ignite apps include the following rock-solid technical decisions out of the box:

Library Category Version Description
React Native Mobile Framework v0.71 The best cross-platform mobile framework
React UI Framework v18 The most popular UI framework in the world
TypeScript Language v4 Static typechecking
React Navigation Navigation v6 Performant and consistent navigation framework
MobX-State-Tree State Management v5 Observable state tree
MobX-React-Lite React Integration v3 Re-render React performantly
Expo SDK v48 Allows (optional) Expo modules
Expo Font Custom Fonts v10 Import custom fonts
Expo Localization Internationalization v13 i18n support (including RTL!)
Expo Status Bar Status Bar Library v1 Status bar support
RN Reanimated Animations v2 Beautiful and performant animations
AsyncStorage Persistence v1 State persistence
apisauce REST client v2 Communicate with back-end
Flipper Debugger Native debugging
Reactotron RN Inspector/Debugger v2 JS debugging
Hermes JS engine Fine-tuned JS engine for RN
Jest Test Runner v26 Standard test runner for JS apps
Maestro Testing Framework Automate end-to-end UI testing
date-fns Date library v2 Excellent date library

Ignite also comes with a component library that is tuned for custom designs, theming support, testing, custom fonts, generators, and much, much more.

Check out the documentation!

Quick Start


Run the CLI:

# Get walked through the prompts for the different options to start your new app
npx ignite-cli@latest new PizzaApp

# Accept all the recommended defaults and get straight to coding!
npx ignite-cli@latest new PizzaApp --yes

Once you're up and running, check out our new Getting Started Guide guide or the rest of our docs.

If you'd like to follow a tutorial, check out this one from Robin Heinze. Note that this was created for a previous version of Ignite -- we are working on updating it!


The hidden gem of Ignite. Generators help you scaffold your app very quickly, be it for a proof-of-concept, a demo, or a production app. Generators are there to save you time, keep your code consistent, and help you with the basic structure of your app.

npx ignite-cli generate --help

...will give you information on what generators are present. To learn more, check out our Generators documentation.


The above commands may fail with various errors, depending on your operating system and dependency versions. Some troubleshooting steps to follow:

  • Uninstall global versions of the Ignite CLI via npm uninstall -g ignite-cli and use the CLI via npx ignite-cli
  • Make sure you are using a reasonably recent version of Node. This can be checked via the node --version command. If you require multiple Node versions on your system, install nvm, and then run nvm install --lts. At the time of writing, Node LTS is v16.x.x.
  • If the installation fails because of an Xcode error (missing Xcode command line tools), the easiest way to install them is to run sudo xcode-select --install in your terminal.
  • If Xcode and command line tools are already installed, but the installation complains about missing patch dependencies, you may need to switch the Xcode location to something else: sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/
  • Opening the project in Xcode can give you other insights into what's happening: open ./ios/<yourapp>.xcworkspace
  • Add the --debug switch to the Ignite CLI new command to provide additional output during project initialization


  • Navigation persistence is OFF by default in production.
  • Error boundary is set to 'always' display by default.

Reporting Bugs / Getting Help

If you run into problems, first search the issues and discussions in this repository. If you don't find anything, you can come talk to our friendly and active developers in the Infinite Red Community Slack (

If you still need help after reaching out to the proper channels, feel free to open a new GitHub issue via npx ignite-cli issue "Unable to Ignite new app" (as an example). This will help start writing your issue with the correct diagnostic information included.

Need Inspiration?

If you need battle-tested solutions from Infinite Red experts on everything from Accessibility, to CI/CD configuration, head to Ignite Cookbook for code snippets from our team and the community!

No time to learn React Native? Hire Infinite Red for your next project

We get it – sometimes there just isn’t enough time on a project to learn the ins and outs of a new framework. Infinite Red’s here to help! Our experienced team of React Native engineers have worked with companies like GasBuddy, Zoom, and Mercari to bring even some of the most complex projects to life.

Whether it’s running a full project or training a team on React Native, we can help you solve your company’s toughest engineering challenges – and make it a great experience at the same time.

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