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Build Status

React web frontend for our backend API.

Technologies used

  • ES6 - the new Javascript standard
  • Webpack - module bundler
  • React - the best UI framework, written by Facebook
  • Bootstrap - reusable UI elements from Twitter
  • LESS - pre-processor for CSS
  • Mochai, Chai - unit tests
  • dependencies are in package.json

Folder layout

  • build - Javascript and CSS bundles
  • src
    • components - React components and LESS files for each component
    • lib - Helper libraries
    • mixins - React mixins
    • main.jsx - Main entry point with the router
  • index.production.html - Index file w/ settings for production
  • index.staging.html - Index file w/ settings for staging
  • index.development.html - Index file w/ settings for development
  • Procfile - The command in this file is used by Heroku to run the server
  • app.json - Manifest file for Heroku that defines how your code should be built and bootstrapped into a live application
  • - Used by the npm build targets. Copies the right index file in the build folder and creates a bundle based on the environment provided as parameter
  • - Checks out and deploys the latest release
  • server.*.js - Script that spins up an Express server.
  • webpack.*.js - Configuration for Webpack.
  • Gulpfile.js - Project tasks. Currently we have linting.
  • karma*.config.js - Configuration for unit tests.


npm install
npm start


  • gulp - lints the code
  • npm run build - bundles the code for production deploying
  • npm test - run tests using PhantomJS
  • npm run test-debug - run tests using Google Chrome and enable js debugger


There are two docker images built from the source. A production one and a staging one. They are published on Docker Hub.

When new code is pushed to any of the two branches the corresponding images are built.

Supported browsers

We don't support versions lower than IE10 because we use flexbox in a small part of the homepage.