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Enumerating IPs in X-Forwarded-Headers to bypass 403 restrictions
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All you need to do is run the tool from the terminal giving the following input:

  • Page to attempt (http/
  • The content length of the response that you get when you are denied
  • The IP range you wish the tool to attempt through X-Forwarded-For

The tool will then simply request the given page with a range of IP addresses and then determine whether or not access to the said page is still forbidden.

python -t -badcl 234 -r

The above command will attempt to request with all IP addresses in the range The python script takes advantage of asynchronous HTTP requests via the requests-futures module and hence should be fairly quick. Note, this tool only functions on Python2.

In addition to this, the enumXFF project on Github also contains a script called This will simply generate a list of comma delimited IP addresses that can be input directly to Burp's Intruder. If the tool isn't the best way for you, Burp's Intruder is a reliable option to fall back on.

To generate the IPs for the range, you would need to use the following command:

python3 -r -o burp_xff_ips.txt

Refer to this blog post for further details:

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