@towerbridge is a twitter bot that tweets as Tower Bridge in London opens and closes.
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Tower Bridge

tower-bridge.rb is a bot that tweets the opening and closing of Tower Bridge. The code is presented for explanatory purposes; not so you can run your own bot, as it were.

Also: how to separate out OAuth configuration variables from a script that sends tweets - ie, so you can


  • Fill out your own creds.yml with the Twitter OAuth credentials you've acquired when you created an application on (developer.twitter.com)
  • Put all these files on a server.
  • Set up a cron task to download http://www.towerbridge.org.uk/TBE/EN/BridgeLiftTimes/ , once a day, to schedule.htm
  • Run tower-bridge.rb (or whatever your file is called) once a minute. It will make tweets.
  • That's it.