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Convert Wordpress eXtended RSS to JSON.
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Convert Wordpress eXtended RSS - WXR - files to JSON at the command line. Because sometimes you'd rather have JSON than a mangled form of XML.

Built entirely for myself, but maybe you'll find this useful to. Consider this code as 100% "works for me".


Tested on node 10; it'll probably work on 8 too. I like yarn as a package manager.




wxr_to_json converts a wordpress XML file to JSON, emitted on STDOUT.

You can supply the xml file as an argument:

./wxr_to_json.js my_export_file.xml

or on STDIN:§

cat my_export_file.xml | ./wxr_to_json.js

Note that in this examples, I've made the wxr_to_json.js file executable.

That's it.

The script does a few pieces of highly opinionated 'tidying':

  • it flattens various fields with xml2js turns into arrays into strings; these are described by the array fieldsToFlatten in the code.
  • it assumes a single category per post, because that's how I used Wordpress, and tidies this to tidyCategory, a single string
  • it tidies tags to a string array, tidyTags
  • these 'tidied' fields are good enough for most purposes. You still have access to the full-fat categories and tags objects.
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