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Ingresse iOS SDK
Swift Ruby Objective-C
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Ingresse iOS SDK

Installation guide

Add this to your Podfile:

pod 'IngresseSDK'

Import SDK on your Swift class

import IngresseSDK


Passing device info to SDK:

This info is used to identify your app and user device for better and faster problem solving

import Foundation
import UIKit

class UserAgent {
    static func getUserAgent() -> String {
        let currentDevice = UIDevice.current
        let osDescriptor = "iOS/ \(currentDevice.systemVersion)"
        let deviceModel =

        let deviceDescriptor = "\(osDescriptor) [\(deviceModel)]"

        guard let bundleDict = Bundle(for: UserAgent.self).infoDictionary,
            let appName = bundleDict["CFBundleName"] as? String,
            let appVersion = bundleDict["CFBundleShortVersionString"] as? String
            else { return deviceDescriptor }

        let appDescriptor = "\(appName)/\(appVersion)"
        return "\(appDescriptor) \(deviceDescriptor)"

Create a SDK Manager to your app

import IngresseSDK

class MySDKManager {
    static let shared = MySDKManager()

    var service: IngresseService!

    init() {
        let client = IngresseClient(
            apiKey: "<API_KEY>",
            userAgent: UserAgent.getUserAgent(),
            urlHost: "<YOUR_HOST>")

        self.service = IngresseService(client: client)


After creating your SDK Manager you can use it to access your IngresseService

let service = MySDKManager.shared.service

You can use different types of service from IngresseService


Used to login and get user data

let authService = service.auth
authService.loginWithEmail("", andPassword: "******", onSuccess: (Callback block), onError: (Callback block))


Used to make entrance related operations such as guest-list download and checkin

let entranceService = service.entrance
entranceService.getGuestListOfEvent("EVENT_ID", sessionId: "SESSION_ID", userToken: "REQUIRED_USER_TOKEN", page: 1, delegate: MyClass)
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