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THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVELY MAINTAINED. This should be fine for most usecases but the bootstrap version is outdated and some minor settings (mostly where interaction with other sites is required) do not always play nice. Please contribute if you can as I am not actively using it anymore.

pelican-twitchy is a bootstrap4 based pelican theme, with a static navbar on the left which is toggable to provide more space for content. Parts of it has been taken from the great pelican-bootstrap3 by DandyDev, so credit where credit is due to all contributors of pelican-bootstrap3!

Key Features

  • a sweet landing page
  • lots of space for modifications
  • powered by bootstrap
  • bootswatch theme support
  • fontawesome!
  • pygments theme support
  • TYPOGRIFY support
  • DISQUS support
  • Google Analytics support
  • CC License Footer (
  • Support ToC plugins

Theme Settings


Setting name (followed by default value, if exists) Description
SITESUBTITLE Provide a description of your site, inserted into landing page jumbatron
RECENT_POST_COUNT = 5 How many post should be displayed on the landing page.
EXPAND_LATEST_ON_INDEX Expand the Latest Articles Section in the Sidebar if you are on index.html
OPEN_GRAPH = False Add Open Graph meta section
OPEN_GRAPH_IMAGE Url to a default image used in Open Graph, can be overwritten on article/page sites via og_image metadata

more colours?

Setting name (followed by default value, if exists) Description
BOOTSTRAP_THEME = "bootstrap" Which bootstrap theme should be loaded, see static/css for a list.
PYGMENTS_STYLE = "native" Which pygments theme should be loaded, see static/css for a list.
TYPOGRIFY = False If Typogrify css should be loaded
CUSTOM_CSS Can be used to provide an additional css file, e.g.: CUSTOM_CSS = "extra/custom.css"


Setting name (followed by default value, if exists) Description
SHARE = False Provide simple non tracking sharing buttons (fb, g+, twitter) for articles/pages and the landing page
SOCIAL Links to your profile on other site, complete with icon, e.g.: SOCIAL = (('Twitter', ''), ('Bitbucket', ''))
SITELOGO Add a SiteLogo to your Sidebar, expects the path to the logo similar to CUSTOM_CSS
SITELOGO_SIZE width attribute of SITELOGO's img tag.
HIDE_SITENAME hides the sitename from the sidebar, useful if your sitelogo already contains your sitename.
DISPLAY_RECENT_POSTS_ON_MENU Displays recent articles in the sidebar, count is determined by RECENT_POST_COUNT
DISPLAY_PAGES_ON_MENU Displays pages in sidebar.
DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_ON_MENU Displays category list in sidebar.
DISPLAY_TAGS_ON_MENU Displays tag list in sidebar.

cc license

These settings add a CC License note to the footer.

CC_LICENSE : Valid Settings are

  • CC-BY - attribution
  • CC-BY-SA - ShareAlike
  • CC-BY-ND - NoDerivatives
  • CC-BY-NC - attribution, No Commercial reuse
  • CC-BY-NC-SA - combination of above
  • CC-BY-NC-ND - combination of above

Alternatively, choose by features directly:

  • CC_LICENSE_DERIVATIVES - yes if permitted, no if not, ShareAlike if allowed under same terms
  • CC_LICENSE_COMMERCIAL - yes if allowed, no if not

CC_ATTR_MARKUP can be set to True if you want to include attribution markup in th elicense mark.


Setting name (followed by default value, if exists) Description
DISQUS_SITENAME Identifier set via DISQUS to identify the site.
DISQUS_LOAD_LATER If True only display a button which will load DISQUS comments only after the button has been pressed.
DISQUS_NO_ID If True does not prefix identifiers to article comments (same behaviour as standard notmyidea theme).

Cookie Consent

Setting name (followed by default value, if exists) Description
COOKIE_CONSENT Set to enable Cookie warning.
COOKIE_CONSENT_TEXT1 Text that is displayed in the warning.
COOKIE_CONSENT_MORE_INFO="More info" Text for the link pointed at by the URL setting below.
COOKIE_CONSENT_MORE_INFO_URL Set to produce a link to this URL.
COOKIE_CONSENT_DISMISS="Got it!" Overwrite the text on the Dismissal Button.
COOKIE_CONSENT_THEME="dark-floating" Theme for the warning.

Valid themenames can be found in the appropriate css subfolder.

Google Analytics

Setting name (followed by default value, if exists) Description

Open Graph

Setting name (followed by default value, if exists) Description
OPEN_GRAPH_FB_APP_ID Add open graph section to articles
OPEN_GRAPH_IMAGE Add image to OG section


  • better social sharing support, maybe with lazy loaded widgets instead of simple sharer links?

##preview ###live example ###big Preview big ###small Preview small ###article with toc Preview article


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pelican theme, based on bootstrap 3 with a sexy toggable navbar







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