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scim-query-filter-parser - Parser for SCIM Filter Query Strings


require 'scim/query/filter/parser'

parser =
rpn_array = parser.parse(filter_query_string)
rpn_stack = parser.rpn
rpn_tree = parser.tree

# or (in a single statement):
rpn_array =


The SCIM spec describes a simple filter query language here:

This gem can parse one of these filter queries and produce a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) stack representation.

For example, parse this filter query string:

userType eq "Employee" and (emails co "" or emails co "")

Into this RPN stack (array):

[userType, "Employee", eq, emails, "", co, emails, "", co, or ,and]

Or, optionally into this expression tree:

[and, [eq, userType, "Employee"], [or, [co, emails, ""], [co, emails, ""]]]


`parser =`

Creae a new parser object.


Parse a SCIM filter query. Return the parser object (self) if successful.

`array = parser.rpn`

Get the RPN array created by the most recent parse.

`tree = parser.tree`

Get the parse result converted to a tree form.


Copyright © 2013 Ingy döt Net. See LICENSE for further details.