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Cheerio fork that uses parse5 as the underlying platform

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Whacko is a fork of cheerio that uses parse5 as an underlying platform.


$ npm install whacko


Difference with cheerio:

  • Use $.load(content) to load HTML documents (e.g. missing <html> tags will be automatically emitted in this case).
  • Use $(content) to create HTML-fragments which can be later added to the loaded document.
  • Parser options (e.g. xmlMode and normalizeWhitespace) are missing since whacko is intended for spec compliant HTML parsing.
  • New parser option encodeEntities added. When false, it disables HTML entities decoding on serialization.
  • New parser option decodeHtmlEntities added. When false, it disables HTML entities decoding on parse.

In all other aspects it is the same with the cheerio API.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to create an issue here on github.


Ivan Nikulin (

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