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Electric Imp Office Sensor Hub



I've raved about Electric Imp before - I pretty much suggest getting one just to experience the magical way that you program it.

What is Electric Imp, you ask? It's a beautiful marriage between cloud and physical device that makes large scale IoT deployments very easy. Even better - it's cheap. The particular breakout board I'll be going over how to use comes with temperature, humidity, pressure, and gyroscopic sensors built-in in addition to 4 Grove connector pins for even more plug-and-play sensors.

With the ImpExplorer, I set up an entire office monitoring hub for $40. And, excluding some code troubleshooting, the entire thing was up and running in less than an hour.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will:

  • connect your Imp-powered breakout board to a local WiFi network
  • use onboard sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • use Grove connectors to add a light and motion sensor
  • use the Electric Imp IDE to stream collected data to a cloud visualization service (https://www.initialstate.com)
  • turn that information into your personal dashboard that you can access on your laptop or mobile device

Part 1: Equipment >>