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OneTimePaste is software that runs on a web server allowing you to send, securely, sensitive data that will be destroyed after it's been read. Its purpose is achieved in two steps:

  • Encrypting all traffic with you and your peer (by using https, and storing the message/file in encrypted form).
  • Destroying the message/file you leave as soon as your peer reads it.

OneTimePaste permits sending usernames, passwords, short messages or files in a safer way than unencrypted mail, SMS, wassap,...


In order to get OneTimePaste to work on your server you need:

  • PHP 5.1 or greater
  • php mcrypt support (i.e. php5-mcrypt in Debian based distros)
  • (optional) php MySQL support (i.e. php5-mysql in Debian based distros)


  • Extract (or copy) the files in a directory under you web server root directory.
  • Edt config.php and set the correct $base_url, also set the cron job as indicated in that file if you want to delete messages after a certain amount of time.
  • Create a database in mysql and a user with priviledges for it. The scheme for the database is in mysql.sql.
  • Edit storage/mysql.config.php and set the correct user/password and database name.
  • Profit!

Avoiding MySQL dependency

There's a file based storage backend now (and it's the default).

If you want to develop a different storage backend, follow this steps:

  • Create a file named BACKEND_NAME.php under storage/
  • Your file will must not output anything, but must contain the following functions: read_msg, save_msg and purge_old. Just check the current ones for their behaviour.
  • Change $backend in config.php :-)

Upgrading from versions prior to 2.0 using the MySQL storage backend

The first releases of onetimepaste's MySQL backend had BLOB as the column type for message storage, since there was no file upload support. That column type (max 64kB) is not enough to hold files (unless very small). You SHOULD change the column type to (at least) MEDIUMBLOB, with a MySQL command like this:

mysql> ALTER TABLE pastes CHANGE message message mediumblob NOT NULL;

If you upgrade onetimepaste and don't change the column type, your file uploads will be lost!


The "cli" file is a python script that allows posting text or files from the command line. Use it like any other *nix command. Just edit the URL and password (also in config.php) to use your onetimepaste installation. Copy or link it into your path with your preferred name.





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