High performance C++11 thread pool
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  • It is highly scalable and fast.
  • It is header only.
  • No external dependencies, only standard library needed.
  • It implements both work-stealing and work-distribution balancing startegies.
  • It implements cooperative scheduling strategy.

Example run: Post job to thread pool is much faster than for boost::asio based thread pool.

Benchmark job reposting
***thread pool cpp***
reposted 1000001 in 61.6754 ms
reposted 1000001 in 62.0187 ms
reposted 1000001 in 62.8785 ms
reposted 1000001 in 70.2714 ms
***asio thread pool***
reposted 1000001 in 1381.58 ms
reposted 1000001 in 1390.35 ms
reposted 1000001 in 1391.84 ms
reposted 1000001 in 1393.19 ms

See benchmark/benchmark.cpp for benchmark code.

All code except MPMCBoundedQueue is under MIT license.