WMD - A WYSIWYM Markdown editor
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WMD Markdown Editor

A WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) Markdown editor.

WMD was originally developed by John Fraser/Attacklab, and the original demo and download site is still available.

In late 2008, StackOverflow undertook forking the original code because John had apparently disappeared. They successfully de-obfuscated it, and their fork is currently maintained on GitHub.

This, for better or worse, is a fork of StackOverflow's fork. There are many reasons for undertaking this project, but the main goals include:

  • Cleaning up the external API to make it easier to understand and interact with
  • Allow for OO-style WMD instance creation, including multiple instances per page
  • Provide a clean mechanism for extending the editor with custom commands
  • Maintain library independence - as StackOverflow are planning on introducing a jQuery dependence with their upcoming "3.0" release

Please note that, as it stands now, this code is far from complete. There are still many bugs to work out, and quite a number of features haven't even been implemented yet. However, the basic framework is there, so feel free to try it out and extend it as much as you like.

A Word About Icons

I'm currently including Fugue icons in the default distribution, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

As soon as I have time, I'll replace these with MIT-licensed icons. For now, however, please note that if you use the default icons on your site, you must provide a link back to http://www.pinvoke.com/.