INNOQ Styleguide and Component Library
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INNOQ Styleguide and Component Library

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Without Docker


yarn install

This starts a local development server complete with asset pipeline:

yarn start

Export a static site to ./dist/site

yarn run site

With Docker & Docker-Compose

docker-compose up

You need to prefix all maintenance commands from above like yarn … with

docker-compose run --rm web …


Everything in master gets deployed automatically to

See .travis.yml for more info.

Generate assets locally

yarn run compile

After that, you'll find all the relevant assets in ./dist/.

Updating web fonts

We're currently hosting all of our web fonts (including icons) on To update them:

  1. Go to
  2. Replace the font files you need to update
  3. Commit + push
  4. Wait until the new versions are deployed
  5. Update $cachebuster for the updated font families in the style guide; you can use a random hash for that: date +%s | md5


Just hit ENTER all the time to release a new version.

Just. hit. Enter.

Travis deals with npm publishing.

Patch level version (auto increment)

$ yarn release


$ yarn release minor


$ yarn release major