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@CircuitBreaker88 CircuitBreaker88 released this
· 250 commits to master since this release
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Innova Release Notes

  • Fixed Qt segfaults
  • Update Refresh button in Qt
  • Added ARM/ARM64 Architecture Build Support
  • Added the following RPC commands; -getnettotals, -ping, -getnetworkinfo, -disconnectnode, -maxuploadtarget, -maxorphantx.
  • Updated -getblock, now includes chainwork
  • Fix anon rpc commands
  • FS last seen times tweak
  • Fixed segfault on new startup
  • Additional debug returns
  • Added bytes sent/received to peer RPC commands
  • Added STUN server support GetSTUNExternalIP()
  • Added -zapwallettxes flag on startup
  • Large input staking fix
  • Added wallet unlock dialog to FS start in Qt
  • CreateTx priority Fix
  • Added Innovai as unit option
  • Added Qt icon for -fsconflock=1
  • Wallet Optimizations

Snap Store Release -

sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install innova

Innova.dmg Hashes

MD5 | AD5BE275B75033DF5E4CFBBE378B6079
CRC64 | 829273D2B36E0A08
SHA-1 | B0C77CBE5281B16E8715BD72AFC3CFF0CF591585
SHA-256 | FDC81116604A1C4E75322A11B28DEBBB1946BF0F13C47E115EB47C9750047B75
SHA-512 | C49AB5308A4FBDF75C4C2CA05676BF4F03B7343D505A92785ED57170C2F2FE827A3B8A9316F3B3D96B35CDEBF5E2D4FA1277481BCA7CD1E066778B99346707F5

Innova.exe v4.3.8.6 Hashes

MD5 | 1BD5BC1F2B48BA550AB0FC296B4D6004
CRC64 | ACD98B75D3F2D620
SHA-1 | A1E317FF43D2161569A7C5D7CB6BA54D3215D3D5
SHA-256 | 0D8F5AA01F110778DD610FA2E5F47299DA81AA7AF233B13004A0AC260C5B50C4
SHA-512 | 91FD2E7952F71EEE4C5348C6C0117103E37E40FF6C3604B11F7ACB80C342951CB9CF42E8DCF09FF59CC515D7637386EF59224A210EAB4B58FA3044BBE30A779F

Innova QT Ubuntu 16 Hashes

MD5 | 2B72D2F7438977653572A16503957047
CRC64 | 5A329BD9B31C9A22
SHA-1 | 335372AB78203916C1E0AE9F98522E500BC1A47F
SHA-256 | 53C50D5DA7ADCF25077CEAD9C7695ECBC1CD9A77B0C7F9B723161A2E2EE0F821
SHA-512 | AFF3980529FB13E7A5D751BCA7680E472C9AFC1B9B82497BEA95F8630A59F5E8677CB7EFF65AE55F5F7E191F533451489B89217A28A840E08366354BB54749CC

Innova QT Ubuntu 18 Hashes

MD5 | 06518E2107852100B0B617986A07C41D
CRC64 | 4A48E7FA27CA7AF4
SHA-1 | 58D05C51D4CA6374BB5F2D1C4F11BC68F416B5F1
SHA-256 | BB456524FCD8F7602040F947699BAAC66E1263F22C484CD84413992CE16E7676
SHA-512 | F47EFB8CF9EFA091B5DF23847B1BB7F0D6DB2B054497FDE9CCAD1F8E4D526FAC991629DDA9D7C96A5208A17BDCAE7C6D01C2C976B2FD0ADD87B256C75FF4708E

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