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@inoerp inoerp released this May 8, 2017 · 38 commits to master since this release

Last release on current architecture

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@inoerp inoerp released this Sep 13, 2016 · 243 commits to master since this release

inoERP 0.5.1 | 13-Sep-2016

  • A new module for process manufacturing
    Batch Operation
    Batch Completion
    Material Transaction
    Process Operation
    Process Routing
    Resource Transaction
  • Accounts Receivable Improvements
    Revenue recognition & differed recognition
    Revenue Schedule
    Revenue Rule
  • DB Improvement
    Fully compatible with Oracle 12c
    Database upgrade with a single program
  • New Extensions
    e message - chat and offline messaging platform
    user profile
    report extension with graph features
  • Extension Improvements
    All classes and database structure changed to be within certain character limit (27)
    Session in database
    Unique key verification for login
    Single template for different login
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@inoerp inoerp released this Jan 31, 2016 · 472 commits to master since this release

inoERP 0.4.1 contains many new features and can be installed in PHP 7 environments.

New Features

  • Quality
    Collection Element
    Collection Plan
    Quality Result
    Integration with Purchasing
    Collection Plan Type
    Element Type
    Quality Actions
  • Sales & Distribution Improvements
    Auto Create orders from quote
    Order configuration
    Separate process flows
    Pick list print - Before & After picking
    Issues Fixed
    Return Customer Order
    Back order picked Orders
    Sales delivery line association
  • Planning
    A single kanban board for all items
  • WIP
    Improved work bench
    Sequence Control
    Available Quantity Verification
    UOM Change Disabled
    Validation to allow/disallow over completion
    Work Order Less Completion/Return without Serial/Lot
  • System
    gettext for all forms
    report builder
    RFID interface - view, update and delete
    RFID & kanban integration
  • Purchasing
    Convert RFQ to Quote
    Convert Quote to Order: Blanket & Standard
    Approval process improvements
    Issues Fixed
    Selection of supplier from ASL
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@inoerp inoerp released this Aug 14, 2015 · 628 commits to master since this release

Bug fix release

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@inoerp inoerp released this Aug 14, 2015 · 631 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed Asset Enhancements
    Asset Component
    Asset Retirement
    Depreciation with new methods
  • Inventory Enhancements
  • Forecast & Planning Enhancements
    Kanban Strategy
    Kanban Demand
    Kanban Size Calculator
    Kanban Supply
  • Document & Analysis Enhancements
    Process Document(PD)
    Process Folw
    Changed template and added flow diagram
    New field added for path
  • A new project module with below features are added
    Search Project
    Search Agreement
    Project Expenditure
    Search Expenditure
    Budgeting & Billing
    Search Budget
    Project Budgeting
    Project Event
    Search Event
    Costing Setup
    Expenditure Type
    Multi Expenditure Type
    Search Expenditure Type
    Non-Labor Resource
    Search Non-Labor Resource
    Project Setup
    Project Category
    Search Category
    Work Type
    Search Work Type
    Project Type
    Search Project Type
    Budgeting Setup
    Resource List
    Search Resource List
    Budget Entry Method
    Search BEM
    Billing Setup
    Event Class
    Event Type
    Search Event Type
    Customer Relationship
    Expenditure Category
    Revenue Category
    Project Customer Relation
    Resource Class
    Service Type
    Project Role
    Search Role
    Budget Type
    Rate Schedule
    Search Rate Schedule
    Burden Cost Base
    Multi Action Burden Cost
    Burden Cost Code
    Multi Axtion Cost Code
    Burden Structure
    Search Burden Structure
    Burden List
    Search Burden List
  • A new Help Desk module with below features are added
    Service Help Desk
    Change Request
    Search Change Request
    Service Request
    Search Service Request
    Service Order
    Search SVO
    Svc Business Process
    Search Business Process
    Service Contract
    Search Contract
    Support Request
    Search Support Request
    Service Activity
    Search Service Activity
    Task Type
    Task Status
    Service Type
    Search Service Type
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May 9, 2015

@inoerp inoerp released this May 9, 2015 · 763 commits to master since this release

Bug fix release

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May 6, 2015

@inoerp inoerp released this Apr 12, 2015 · 788 commits to master since this release

A new module on Point of Sales is added
POS Transaction
Search POS Trnx
Hybrid POS
Search Terminal
Inventory Control
Search Store
Barcode List
Search Barcode List
Sync POS
-- A new data element store is added to the existing organization structure

A new module on eCommerce is adeed with below features
Search Product
Product View
System Cart
Paid Order
Search Paid Order
Create Sales Order
Payment Method
Search Payment Method
eComm Control
-- Cash On Delivery & Paypal payments are added

A new asset maintenance module with below features are added
Asset Maintenance
Asset Number
Search Asset Number
Asset BOM
Search Asset BOM
Asset Routing
Search Asset Routing
Maintenance Activity
Search Activities
Maintenance BOM
Maintenance Routing
Search Maintenance Routing
Maintenance Schedule
Search Mntnc. Schedule
Date Rule
Search Date Rule
Meter Rule
Search Meter Rule
MS Calendar Date
Search MS Date
Maintenance Work Order
Search WO
Mainteance Work Bench
Material Transaction
Search Transactions
Resource Transaction
Search Resource Trnx.
Move Transaction
Generate WOs
Search Meter

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@inoerp inoerp released this Dec 31, 2014 · 863 commits to master since this release

The first production ready version of inoERP

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