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MultilingualPress 3 Yoast SEO Sync

Synchronize the post metadata of the Yoast SEO plugin between translated posts.


MultilingualPress-Yoast-Seo-Sync Documentation

MultilingualPress 2

This branch (master branch) contains the code for MultilingualPress 3, for MultilingualPress 2 there is version-1-mlp2 branch, also here is the .zip for MultilingualPress 2.


$ composer install
$ npm install


Unit testing

$ vendor/bin/phpunit

Acceptance testing

Add multilingualpress plugin to bin folder and follow instructions in tests/codeception/

Code Style

MultilingualPress follow Inpsyde coding standard which are enforced via php_codesniffer.

A phpcs.xml.dist is available on the repository.

The repository also contains a PhpStorm.xml for code styles settings to be imported in PhpStorm IDE.

The Inpsyde coding standard repository contains information on how to setup PhpStorm to integrate with phpcs.

Robo Commands

The plugin ships with a set of Robo commands to run different development tasks, the most relevant are:

  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo build:assets to "build" both scripts and styles
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo build:scripts to "build" only scripts
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo build:styles to "build" only styles
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo makepot to create the pot file within languages directory
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo update:potandpo to create the pot file within languages directory and update po files. This will include all of the new strings in the .po files.
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo tests to run both PHPUnit tests and php_codesniffer checks
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo build to run all the above.
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo build {version-number} to run all the above and, on success, create a zip file ready to be published. E.g. $ ./vendor/bin/robo build 1.0.0 will lint and compile assets, run unit tests and code styles check and if all of those are successful will create a file in the root of the plugin. This file is git-ignored, but is what will be released to users.
  • $ ./vendor/bin/robo build {version-number} --git will do the same as before and will also create a Git tag with the given version number. Use carefully.


This is a simple add-on for the MultilingualPress plugin to synchronize the post metadata of the Yoast SEO plugin between translated posts.



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