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#Get Started

Table of contents

This document describes in short the usage of the current development state (pre 2.0.0). You can watch the wpml2mlp screencast (only in german)


  • WordPress multisite
  • MultilingualPress
  • WP-CLI
  • composer
  • PHP 5.5
  • WPML to MLP (dev-2.0.0)

You're here because you want to switch from WPML to MLP. This is a complex process of data modulation. The process is splittet into two parts:

  1. Export this part will generate a XML file for every language your site manages.
  2. Import each of these XML files has to be imported separately into the new site (blog) inside of a prepared multisite installation

In order to avoid side-effects we suggest to split these both steps to two separate WordPress installations. E.g. your original site (SITE A) uses WPML with two languages english and spanish. Setup another WordPress multisite installation (SITE B) with two sites (english) and (spanish). You do the import on and and after that you migrate everything to (

It should, however, be possible to do both parts within one installation. But you should deactivate every plugin and non-default theme besides MultilingualPress, WPML to MPL and WPML. (You should even deactivate WPML on part 2)

Getting Started With WPML Export

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