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A bydirectional proxy between the Shelly and Byron versions of the Cardano network
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Byron proxy

This is a library and an executable.

The library offers:

  • Definitions of cardano-sl Logic Diffusion based upon a special configuration type ByronProxyConfig and backed by the DB and Pool types (next bullet points).
  • A database abstraction over ImmutableDB from ouroboros-consensus, which includes an index header hashes, because the Byron interface requires looking up blocks using header hashes alone (rather than slot indices). An SQLite index implementation is included.
  • A type called Pool to facilitate the Byron relay system for atomic data like transactions and update proposals. These are stored for a given amount of time and can be looked up by a small key.
  • A chain sync client and server, using the ouroboros-network protocol definition, and serving whole cardano-sl Blocks.

The executable is capable of

  • Downloading a chain from either a Byron peer or a new chain sync peer. Only one peer can be used because no concurrent writes on the database are supported (it's the ImmutableDB, it cannot handle forks).
  • Serving a chain using the new chain sync server.

How to run it

$ byron-proxy --help
Usage: byron-proxy [--database-path FILEPATH] [--index-path FILEPATH]
                   [--logger-config FILEPATH] [--configuration-file FILEPATH]
                   [--configuration-key TEXT] [--system-start TIMESTAMP]
                   [--configuration-seed INTEGER] --server-host ARG
                   --server-port ARG ([--remote-host ARG] [--remote-port ARG] |
                   [--topology FILEPATH] [--kademlia FILEPATH]
                   [--node-id NODE_ID] [--default-port PORT]
                   [--policies FILEPATH] [--address IP:PORT] [--listen IP:PORT])
  Store and forward blocks from a Byron or Shelley server

Validator Demo

This package also provides a validator executable, which is designed to be a client of byron-proxy. It uses the chain sync protocol to pull blocks and runs them through the cardano-ledger validation code.

To run this as a demo you should launch a byron-proxy using

stack exec -- byron-proxy --database-path db-byron-proxy-demo-server \
\ --index-path index-byron-proxy-demo-server \
\ --configuration-file ../cardano-sl/lib/configuration.yaml \
\ --configuration-key mainnet_full --local-addr []:7777 \
\ --topology ./topology.yaml

, which requires a cardano-sl clone in the same directory as your ouroboros-network clone and a topology.yaml file, containing

  relays: [[{ host: }]]

You should see this syncing blocks from mainnet.

Then to run the validator, run

stack exec -- validator --server-host --server-port 7777

, which requires you to have mainnet-genesis.json in the current directory. You can run cp ../cardano-ledger/mainnet-genesis.json ., if you have a clone of cardano-ledger in the same directory as the ouroboros-network clone.

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