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  • 1.3.0
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@tatyanavych tatyanavych released this Feb 12, 2020 · 46 commits to master since this release

This Cardano Explorer release resolves a number of issues, improves documentation and makes use of the latest library updates. Importantly it has a change in the API for transaction submission in the cardano-tx-submit component. There is new Cardano Explorer API documentation.

Compatible with Cardano node 1.5.0.

Deployed 5 Feb 2020.


  • API change in cardano-tx-submit for transaction submission. It now requires
    • the HTTP content-type to be given as application/cbor
    • the transaction format must be the raw binary transaction as it appears on the chain
  • Added more specific error message when a posted transaction is hex encoded
  • Included example of testnet configuration and updated README on how to use it
  • Documented submission API and how to generate example transactions
  • Updated docker image with logging all runit services to stdout
  • Added validation for genesis address paging (#219)
  • Created Swagger Cardano Explorer API documentation

Resolved issues

  • /api/blocks/txs/{blkHash} endpoint (#195)
  • Ada/Lovelace denomination issue (#197)
  • JSON rendering for addresses to match old API
  • /api/genesis/address returns the same addresses for different pages (#183)

Known Issues

  • The pageSize argument is hard coded to be 10 (#182). This will not be fixed, but there will be a new better-designed set of explorer APIs in a future release.


Cardano Explorer API 1.0.0
Cardano Explorer Overview
Building and Running the Explorer
Schema Management
Atomicity of PostgreSQL Interactions

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