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Document maintainer: Nikola Glumac
Document status: Active


Build status Windows build status Release

Daedalus - cryptocurrency wallet

Automated build

CI/dev build scripts

Platform-specific build scripts facilitate building Daedalus the way it is built by the IOHK CI:


This script requires Nix, (optionally) configured with the IOHK binary cache.

scripts/build-installer-unix.sh [OPTIONS..]

The result can be found at installers/csl-daedalus/daedalus-*.pkg.

Pure Nix installer build

This will use nix to build a Linux installer. Using the IOHK binary cache will speed things up.

nix build -f ./release.nix mainnet.installer

The result can be found at ./result/daedalus-*.bin.

Nix Shell

shell.nix provides a way to load a shell with all the correct versions of all the required dependencies for development. Run nix-shell in the daedalus directory to start the shell.

shell.nix also provides a script for updating yarn.lock. Run nix-shell -A fixYarnLock to update yarn.lock file.


This batch file requires Node.js and 7zip.


The result will can be found at .\daedalus-*.exe.

Stepwise build

Install Node.js dependencies.

To ensure secure and reproducible builds we are using yarn to manage dependencies.

$ yarn install


Run with:

$ export CARDANO_TLS_PATH={path-to-cardano-sl}/run/tls-files/
$ yarn run dev

Note: requires a node version >= 8 and an yarn version >= 1.7.0.

Development - with Cardano Wallet

Build and run Cardano SL

Build with:

$ brew install haskell-stack # OR curl -ssl https://get.haskellstack.org/ | sh
$ stack setup
$ stack install cpphs
$ brew install xz # OR sudo apt-get install xz-utils
$ brew install rocksdb # OR sudo apt-get install librocksdb-dev
$ git clone git@github.com:input-output-hk/cardano-sl.git
$ cd cardano-sl/
$ ./scripts/build/cardano-sl.sh

Run with:

$ tmux new-session -s cardano
$ WALLET_CLIENT_AUTH_DISABLE=1 ./scripts/launch/demo-with-wallet-api.sh

Stop with:

$ tmux kill-session -t cardano

Development - network options

There are three different network options you can run Daedalus in: mainnet, testnet and development (default). To set desired network option use NETWORK environment variable:

$ export NETWORK=testnet
$ yarn run dev


You can run the test suite in two different modes:

One-time run: For running tests once using the application in production mode:

$ yarn run test

Watch & Rerun on file changes: For development purposes run the tests continuously in watch mode which will re-run tests when source code changes:

$ yarn run test:watch

You can find more details regarding tests setup within Running Daedalus acceptance tests README file.

CSS Modules

This boilerplate out of the box is configured to use css-modules.

All .css file extensions will use css-modules unless it has .global.css.

If you need global styles, stylesheets with .global.css will not go through the css-modules loader. e.g. app.global.css


If you use any 3rd party libraries which can't or won't be built with webpack, you must list them in your webpack.config.base.js

externals: [
  // put your node 3rd party libraries which can't be built with webpack here (mysql, mongodb, and so on..)

For a common example, to install Bootstrap, yarn install --save bootstrap and link them in the head of app.html

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css" />
<link rel="image/svg+xml" href="../node_modules/bootstrap/dist/fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot" />

Make sure to list bootstrap in externals in webpack.config.base.js or the app won't include them in the package:

externals: ['bootstrap']


$ yarn run package

To package apps for all platforms:

$ yarn run package:all

To package apps with options:

$ yarn run package -- --[option]


  • --name, -n: Application name (default: ElectronReact)
  • --version, -v: Electron version (default: latest version)
  • --asar, -a: asar support (default: false)
  • --icon, -i: Application icon
  • --all: pack for all platforms

Use electron-packager to pack your app with --all options for darwin (osx), linux and win32 (windows) platform. After build, you will find them in release folder. Otherwise, you will only find one for your os.