Converts John The Ripper/Cain format hashes (singular, or in bulk) to HashCat compatible hash format.
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NTLM v1 & v2 > Hashcat

Converts Cain or John NTLMv1 and NTLMv2 hashes (singular, or in bulk) to HashCat compatible format.

NTLMv1-Hashcat Arguments

  • -i / --hash : Singular hash input. You will get a prompt after running the script.
  • -f / --file [/file/path] : Import and process hashes using a list of hashes stored in a file.
  • -o / --output [/file/path.txt] : Output hashes to a file. If this option is not used then hashes will be sent to stdout.

Example Usage

  • ./ -i
  • ./ --hash
  • ./ -f hash_list.txt -o converted_hashes.txt
  • ./ -f hash_list.txt

Hash Formats

  • John The Ripper: ins1gn1a:$NETNTLM$b6230fa64e2f98a8$47ddd5e7d46114b6d65029d02ac1dd41e4ebd15121c4b772
  • Hashcat: ins1gn1a::::47ddd5e7d46114b6d65029d02ac1dd41e4ebd15121c4b772:b6230fa64e2f98a8

NTLMv2-Hashcat Arguments

  • Only one argument is taken, which is the input file of hashes.

Example Usage

  • ./ input-file.txt