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This thing can do a whole lotta stuff:

  • Notifies water level (via telegram bot):
    • In sump as 'LOW' when the water is lower than vertical switch sensor and 'ENOUGH' otherwise.
    • 'FULL' when water is above horizontal switch sensor.
  • Turn ON/OFF the motor based on water levels in sump and tank.
    • When there's low water in sump and no water in tank: it notifies to limit the water usage or get the sump filled.
    • When there's no water in tank and enough water in sump: turns ON the motor and notifies the same.
    • When the tank is full and sump is low: it notifies to get the sump filled asap and doesn't turn on the motor until the water in sump is enough.
  • Bot commands:
    1. /help: prints the usable commands that are /start and /status
    2. /start: prints a hello message with the user's name
    3. /status: prints the status of
      • Sump: LOW/ENOUGH
      • Tank: FULL/LOW
      • Motor: ON/OFF
    4. /sense: prints the current state of each sensor
    5. /ONmotor: makes the relay pin HIGH
    6. /OFFmotor: makes the relay pin LOW

Here's my artistic circuit diagram made with MS paint

Note: I dont own any of the images except my ✨artistic wiring and drawings✨

Final setup


Tank on terrace

Telegram bot

Sump setup


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