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μDuck is stealth HID injector. It's a very small USB device that acts like a scripted keyboard. This can be used for automation and lulz, and has obvious security implications. It's quite similar in functionality to the Hak5 Rubber Ducky, and even uses the same syntax to define the scripted input.

μDuck hardware

When μDuck is connected, it will wait 2 seconds in programming mode before switching to a keyboard. This is to allow the payload to be updated with the Python tool provided. It will wait 5 seconds before the first HID injection, then retry the payload automatically at 60 seconds, 5 minutes, and then every 4 hours with +/- 1 hour of random variance. This ensures reliable delivery, but expect that your payload may run more than once.

Building a μDuck

The μDuck is quite inexpensive -- all the parts cost around $2 per unit. However, you will need some tools and know-how to get started. For more information, see the README file in the doc directory.

Credits and License

The hardware is borrowed from this blog. The software is a modified version of "CapsLocker", which can be found here. Our customized hardware design can be found in the "hardware" folder.

Our Python code and hardware design is MIT licensed. The USB firmware is licensed according to the terms of Objective Development's vUSB and GPLv2.


USB Rubber Ducky for ATTiny85



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