Extra modules for InspIRCd.
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InspIRCd third party modules repository.

The primary interface to this repository is via the "modulemanager" binary
shipped with inspircd 1.2 and newer. If you do not have this or do not wish to
use it, you can download directly from this repository. Copy or symlink the
modules you wish to use to src/modules/ in the inspircd directory. For 1.x, you
will need to run ./configure -modupdate and then remake; for 2.x you can just
rerun "make" and "make install".

Modules in this repository are not officially supported by the inspircd
development team; see the module author comments in the module files to find the
author. You may be able to find the author or others who use the module in
#inspircd, but please make it clear you're asking about a third-party module!

Example tags:
/* $ModConfig: <syncbans channels="#a,#b,#c"> */
/* $ModDesc: Provides ircd-side fantasy commands. */
/* $ModAuthor: w00t */
/* $ModAuthorMail: w00t@inspircd.org */
/* $ModDepends: core 1.1 */
/* $ModMask: mask reason */