GSS-API authenticator plugin for the Apache Cassandra Java driver
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Cassandra Java Driver Kerberos Authenticator

A GSSAPI authentication provider for the Cassandra Java driver.

This driver plugin is intended to work with the Cassandra kerberos authenticator plugin for Apache Cassandra.


The authenticator is distributed via Maven Central. To use, add the following dependency to your POM:


Pre-requisite setup steps

  • A Kerberos 5 KDC server is available
  • An NTP client is installed & configured on the application host, each Cassandra node, and the KDC. Ideally the application host syncs with the same time source as the KDC & Cassandra nodes in order to minimise potential time-sync issues.
  • If using Oracle Java, ensure that the Java Cryptographic Extensions Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files are installed (not necessary when using OpenJDK or other JRE implementations)
  • Follow the instructions here to configure a Cassandra cluster for Kerberos authentication.

Configure the /etc/krb5.conf Kerberos config file (see here for further details).

An example krb5.conf for the EXAMPLE.COM realm:

default = FILE:/var/log/krb5libs.log

 default_realm = EXAMPLE.COM
 dns_lookup_realm = false
 dns_lookup_kdc = false

  kdc =
  admin_server =

[domain_realm] = EXAMPLE.COM = EXAMPLE.COM

See here for further details.

How to use the authenticator plugin

Note: Please read the javadoc for full details on how to configure & use the plugin.

The plugin works with the Cassandra Java driver:

Cluster cluster = Cluster.builder()

A JAAS config file is also required. The following example retrieves a TGT from the local Kerberos ticket cache:

CassandraJavaClient { required useTicketCache=true;

This particular example requires that the Kerberos client libraries & tools (kinit in particular) are installed.

The location of the JAAS config file must be provided via the system property.

For example: java -jar MyApplication.jar


If you would like to build the JAR package from source, checkout this project and run mvn clean package.

Please see for Instaclustr support status of this project.