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This is a Pascal to Haskell translator. The ultimate goal is to generate idiomatic functional code from imperative code. The project is under heavy development, so nothing is documented.


You need the following programs to build Kalium:

  • ghc (7.10.2 or higher)
  • cabal-install (1.22 or higher)
  • happy (1.19.5 or higher)

Download the source (using git clone) and issue the following commands in the project root directory to initialize the building environment:

  • cabal sandbox init
  • cabal --require-sandbox install --dependencies-only --enable-tests

You can safely omit --enable-tests if you don't want to use the testing system. If something goes wrong, you can always cabal sandbox delete and then repeat the steps above. Now you can build the project itself with cabal build.


Run the regression tests with cabal test. Python 3.4 or higher is needed.

Tests are stored in testing/tests/, one per directory. Each test consists of a Pascal source file program.pas and a scenario file scenarios. The latter is simply a whitespace separated list of scenarios, against which the translated program will be tested.

Scenarios are stored in testing/scenarios/, one per file. Each scenario is a script that takes the path to the translated program through STDIN and outputs a message to STDOUT if something is wrong.


Kalium consists of a library that contains all the functionality and an extremely small command-line tool. There are three parts of the library:

  • Front-end: Kalium.Pascal
  • Core: Kalium.Nucleus
  • Back-end: Kalium.Haskell

The distinction between these parts is kept clear to allow front/back-ends for other languages in the future. The command-line tool isn't ready for use yet, and for now it's suitable for debug purposes only.


Contact me if you feel adventurous and want to contribute. My email address can be found in commits.