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How-to code samples

These applications are how-to code samples using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and compatible Intel-based platforms, cloud platforms, APIs, and other technologies.

To clone this repository

To begin, clone the How-To Code Samples repository with Git* on your computer as follows:

$ git clone

To download a .zip file, in your web browser go to and click the Download ZIP button at the lower right. Once the .zip file is downloaded, uncompress it, and then use the files in the directory for this example.

Installing the program manually on the target system

Alternatively, you can set up the code manually on your system.

Clone the How-To Code Samples repository to your board:

$ git clone

Navigate to the directory with this example.


Hardware Compatibility

These samples are currently supported by the following platforms:

Intel IoT Gateway using Arduino 101 ( Make sure your Intel® IoT Gateway is setup with an operating system, by following the directions on the web site here:

Software Requirements



Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

For Java or C/C++ development, use the Intel System Studio IoT Edition -

For JavaScript development, use the Intel® XDK -

Configuring the examples

Each example includes a configuration file to setup sensors and other application parameters.

For C++ look in cpp.json
For Java look in /src/
For JavaScript look in config.json
For Python look in

Refer to each example for the specific configuration needed.

Cloud and datastore configuration

Specific instructions on setting up individual cloud services can be found here

Adding a Redis* datastore can be done by following instructions here


These applications are code sample exercises using the Intel IoT Developer Kit, sensors, actuators, cloud platforms, and APIs.



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