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Changelog {#changelog}

Here's a list summarizing some of the key undergoing changes to our library from earlier versions:


  • Added Cordova bindings based on Java packages
  • Complete rework of the nmea_gps library giving more control over data acquisition and parsing
  • Added GTest support for unit tests
  • Removed calls to deprecated MRAA fast GPIO functions
  • Several bug fixes and improvements around SWIG type maps and gcc8 support
  • New sensors: kx122, kxtj3, bh1792, bh1749


  • Extended LED library to support the new MRAA gpio-leds APIs
  • Many CMake changes around SWIG wrapper generation and improved FindNodejs detection module
  • Several code fixes based on static code analysis
  • Improved documentation generation and Travis CI builds
  • Cleaned-up doxygen tags in headers and class names in JSON library files
  • New sensor: lis3dh


  • Introduced a flexible JSON format for technical sensor specifications, notes and classification. This is also used by our new UPM website
  • Revised all C++ sensor examples and switched to stack allocations where possible along with other code and formatting clean-up
  • Significantly improved docker workflow, CI integration, sanity and consistency tests, static code scans and documentation generation
  • Several improvements to a couple of existing sensor drivers and better compatibility with subplatforms
  • Added new std::vector to AbstractList<> typemap for Java bindings and examples
  • New sensors: lis2ds12, lsm6ds3h, lsm6dsl, lidarlitev3


  • Finalized all required build system and JAVA binding changes to release the UPM libraries for Android Things targets
  • Enhanced the modules for lsm303 and tmp006 to support newer variants of the chips
  • Fixed Node.js detection on Ubuntu when installed with apt using official packages
  • Minor documentation changes
  • New sensors: lsm303agr, lsm303d, veml6070, tca9548a, rn2903


  • Improved JAVA binding compiler compatibility and added JAVA interfaces that match existing C++ interfaces
  • Ported Bosch drivers to C thus now they can be used on supported MCUs
  • Completely redesigned C/C++ example handling by cmake to avoid maintaining a list by hand
  • Fixed several existing drivers, mostly based on static code analysis reports
  • Added a sensor driver template plus bash script that can be easily used by developers to start writing their own sensor driver
  • Numerous documentation improvements
  • New sensors: p9813, abp, rsc, mmc35240, tcs37727, tmp006, mma8x6x, mag3110, hdc1000


  • Reworked cmake handling of internal and external dependencies
  • Documentation improvements for sensor names, sensor descriptions, external contributor guides and added new section on installing UPM on a supported OS
  • Fixed issues with C11 builds on some WRLinux gateways and Debian systems
  • New examples and functionality for speaker and ads1x15 modules
  • Modified JAVA builds to ensure the SWIG generated wrappers include all functionality and typemaps
  • New sensors: mcp2515, max30100, uartat, le910


  • Minor cmake changes for Java builds and Java examples are now toggled with the same BUILDEXAMPLES cmake switch
  • Made some improvements in the utilities class for our C drivers
  • Fixed issue with some drivers not being usable on subplatforms due to pin numbers using uint8 type
  • New sensors: ims, ecezo, mb704x, rf22


  • Warnings as errors enabled for C/CXX (fixed warnings from -Wall and others)
  • Fix for C/CXX compile flag append issue #485
  • C sensor libraries for: my9221, otp538u, guvas12d, ppd42ns
  • New sensor: ms5803


  • Added approximately 50 C sources for UPM drivers that can be used on both Unix and RTOS boards
  • Provided generic alternatives to the Grove set of classes as they will be deprecated over time and eventually removed
  • UPM modules are now being packed and published on NPM as sources rather than binaries to enhance compatibility with various boards and systems
  • Build both python2 and python3 modules if the corresponding python libs are available and removed cmake BUILDPYTHON3 switch
  • Converted python examples to run on both python2 and python3
  • Added 'upm' hierarchy to python module install path which changes the way UPM modules are imported Example: old: import pyupm_dfrph new: from upm import pyupm_dfrph or import upm.pyupm_dfrph
  • Added ctests for consistancy checking UPM repo as well as sanity checking for python2/3 modules and examples
  • Various documentation and driver fixes throughout
  • New sensors: nmea_gps, mma7361, bh1750, hka5, dfrorp, dfrec, sht1x


  • Extended l3gd20 driver to support I2C connections in addition to IIO
  • Updated ads1x15, mcp9808 and ssd1306 I2C drivers to not throw a fatal exception if they fail to set a different I2C speed
  • Added extra functionality to apa102 driver, backlight control to jhd1313m1 LCDs and fixed htu21d
  • Improved documentation with build dependencies, refreshed the list of known limitations and simplified the component name for a few sensors


  • Fixed several existing drivers and updated Grove Temperature sensor to use new formula for v1.1+ by default
  • Separated codebase for upm_grove module that bundles some of the starter kit sensors into individual source files
  • Documentation and doxygen tag updates with correct spelling for Celsius in several places, this also affects API compatibility
  • Removed superfluous BUILDSWIG option, some build recipes might be impacted
  • New sensor: ms5611


  • Mraa 1.1.1 required changes to UPM drivers and examples for IIO core kernel support
  • Rev'ed libmraa requirement to 1.1.1


  • Fix for building python2 vs python3 bindings
  • Fixes for jhd1313m1 row/font size and reset
  • Added bacnet utility class
  • New sensors: bmx055, bmi055, bmc160, bma250e, bmg150, bmm150, t8100, tb7300


  • C++ header files have been renamed from *.h to *.hpp along with all Intel provided examples and code samples to allow for native C drivers
  • Updated driver compatibility to new MRAA 1.0 API
  • First sensor implementations for our newly added Dallas One Wire support
  • Several fixes based on issues reported on Github
  • Changed SWIG linking strategy, more robust Travis CI build checks
  • New sensors: ds2413, ds18b20, bmp280, bno055, l3gd20


  • Added a generic driver for taking snapshots from an USB camera device
  • New API changes section in documentation to let users know when the UPM API gets modified
  • Fixed some spelling errors and improved JavaScript documentation builds with newer versions of YUI and Node
  • Enhanced Cmake scripts and the build process
  • New sensors: vcap, e50hx


  • Fixed library build process for different configurations across multiple environments reported by users.
  • Fixed multiple GFX library header clash and improved SSD1351 compatibility by changing SPI mode
  • Added Node and Python array typemaps for nrf24l01
  • Added 2 new JAVA examples


  • Introduced C++ Interfaces for several sensor categories that will help consolidate the sensor APIs with uniform function names upon implementation
  • Greatly improved Node.js detection and handling during build and install, and should be now compatible with all major versions
  • Added a driver for the Curie IMU (accelerometer + gyroscope) that works with the new Firmata support implemented by MRAA
  • Continued to provide several JAVA fixes and examples
  • Many new industrial and maker sensors: cwlsxxa, teams, tex00, h803x, apa102, smartdrive, bmi160, bme280, ds1808lc, hlg150, lp8860, max44009, si1132, t6713, si7005, ssd1351


  • Updated the API and added new functionality for the MY9221 class and derived sensors: grovecircularled and groveledbar, along with new code samples that show these changes
  • Provided a fix for one JAVA example that uses interrupts and updated library install paths
  • Several documentation improvements and pictures were added for new sensors
  • A few other sensors received minor patches


  • First implementations for industrial grade Modbus sensors, along with first sensor examples that use the new iio system driver in MRAA
  • Significant improvements to the stepmotor driver that will now allow precise control using any GPIO pin and extended the API with new functionality
  • Further improved JAVA bindings and sensor ISRs have been modified to implement Runnable objects
  • Improved Python typemaps and error checking, documentation now includes detailed function descriptions
  • Simplified the build process by eliminating the need to define redundant MRAA related environment variables
  • New sensors: nlgpio16, ads1x15, t3311, hdxxvxta, hwxpxx, rhusb, ili9341, apds9930, kxcjk1013


  • Over 150 supported sensor drivers including some industrial grade devices
  • Improved the JAVA bindings, added a large number of examples for sensors, enabled JAVA builds in Travis CI, and introduced automatic loading for the JAVA shared libraries
  • Continued to improve existing sensor drivers and to enhance them with the new C++ coding style and exception types
  • Several cmake improvements to allow building on various Linux distributions and with a newer version of Node.JS
  • Simplified adding and building of C++ sensor examples via cmake
  • New sensors: micsv89, xbee, urm37, adxrs610, bma220, dfrph, mcp9808, sx1276, groveultrasonic, ozw


  • Fully functional and documented JAVA language bindings for sensors with several examples also available
  • Added standardized exception handling support across all language bindings and updated sensors to use this feature
  • Sensor drivers are now available and can be installed individually using NPM for Node.js users
  • Continuous Integration with Travis CI ensures new contributions are built automatically once they are received
  • API rewrite and improvements for hcsr04, sm130, eboled, loudness
  • Documentation improvements and code style changes from C to C++
  • New sensors: hyld9767, mg811, wheelencoder, grovegprs, mpu9250, ssd1306, es9257, lm35, mq4, mq6, mq7, mq8


  • Introduced RPM package generation feature from cmake via cpack
  • Performed a thorough documentation review and merged resulting changes, includes last remaining images and grouping sensors by kits
  • Added support for Sparkfun Sensor Blocks (OLED & IMU)
  • Fully reworked API for at42qt1070, mpu9150 and lcd classes, while maintaining backwards compatibility for existing lcd displays
  • Extended doxygen tags for better integration with automated documentation generators
  • New sensors: rgbringcoder, hp20x, pn532, sainsmartks, lsm9ds0, eboled


  • Updated index pages for API documentation and cross-linked them
  • More images were added for Grove, Adafruit and Sparkfun sensors along with licensing information
  • Applied a set of patches to improve code robustness
  • Added support for Grove NFC Tag sensor
  • Fixed several typos in library and sensor names
  • New sensor: m24lr64e


  • Provided automated, updated and comprehensive sensor API documentation for C++, Python and JavaScript
  • Edited sensor names, library descriptions and doxygen tags for consistency
  • Fixed the TH02 sensor driver and made major improvements to i2clcd driver
  • Added new and updated images for numerous new and existing sensors
  • Started this changelog
  • New sensors: sx6119, si114x, maxsonarez, hm11, ht9170, h3lis331dl, ad8232, grovescam


  • Passed 100 supported sensor drivers
  • Updated header files with new doxygen tags for improved API documentation generation
  • Added python examples for sensors
  • Fixed the buzzer and servo drivers for the Intel Edison
  • Renamed bmp and gp2y sensor classes to be more generic
  • Completely revamped implementation for tm1637
  • New sensors: mma7660, cjq4435, adxl335, hmtrp, nunchuck, otp538u, l298, groveelectromagnet, grovecollision, adis16448, at42qt1070, grovemd, ina132, grovegsr, groveo2, groveemg, pca9685, pca9685ss, adafruitms1438, hx711, flex, groveeldriver, mhz16, apds9002, waterlevel, zfm20, uln200xa, grovewfs, isd1820


  • Passed 50 supported sensor drivers
  • Starter Kit and Additional Roadshow and Hackaton sensors added
  • Several examples and documentation updates submitted
  • Wrote new proper SWIG typemaps for arrays
  • Fixed the i2clcd write function, improved several other sensors
  • New sensors: rpr220, rotaryencoder, biss0001, rfr359f, grovespeaker, mq303a, ppd42ns, wt5001, yg1006, ublox6, mpr121, groveloudness, guvas12d, grovewater, grovevdiv, grovelinefinder, ta12200, groveehr, grovemoisture, gp2y0a, a110x, ds1307, adc121c021, enc03r, ttp223, itg3200, am2315, tp401, ldt0028, htu21d, mpl3115a2, lsm303, joystick12, tsl2561, groverotary, groveslider, adxl345, grovebutton, lol, groverelay


  • Added MQ series gas sensors and a few others
  • Generated Doxygen layout file to improve API look and feel
  • Several sensor documentation updates


  • Fixed SWIG node build issues
  • Added lpd8806 digital led strip


  • Fixed SWIG python builds
  • Extended i2clcd devices with new functions
  • Made SWIG interface improvements and added extra types
  • Added nrf8001 BLE support
  • Few other sensor additions and fixes


  • New drivers for microphone and mpu9150
  • Added generic driver for stepper motors
  • Updated all code to use MRAA and version dependency


  • Added new bmp/gy pressure sensor and updated servo
  • Started UPM documentation and related pages
  • Updated MRAA dependencies


  • Updated SWIG support for some sensors
  • New sensor support for mma7455 accelerometer


  • Several new sensors added
  • Documentation fixes
  • IPK generation


  • Updated MRAA dependency


  • Initial release with some basic grove sensors and hmc5883
  • Doxygen and SWIG support implemented