Intel® GPU Compute Samples
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Intel® GPU Compute Samples

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Sample GPU Compute applications for Intel® Processor Graphics that demonstrate:

  • notable new features in Compute APIs in released Graphics drivers
  • features specific to Intel® Processor Graphics
  • efficient way of using Intel® GPUs for general computing

Compute samples are currently limited to the OpenCL™ compute API.

Samples Overview

List of all available samples and their description can be found in the Samples Overview.

Getting Started



git clone
cd compute-samples
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

More details about building, installing and testing can be found in the BUILD file.


In order to run tests please read this section.


We use Semantic Versioning. Current version is 0.y.z which means that API may change without maintaining backward compatibility.


Please read CONTRIBUTING file for details about the contribution process.


Intel® GPU Compute Samples are licensed under the MIT License.