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Building & Installing NumaTOP

Numatop uses autotools. If you're compiling from git, run and then make. Otherwise, use ./configure && make.

To install, run sudo make install.

To run the test program, run make check after compilation or check the mgen program for help information.

Build Dependencies

NumaTOP requires following libraries or packages:

  • numactl-devel or libnuma-dev(el)

  • libncurses

  • libpthread

  • check

Run NumaTOP

NumaTOP requires running as root. # ./numatop

In many systems, the default max open files are 1024, for platforms (like SPR) that have more CPUs, they require the system with the max open files should bigger than 1024, otherwise, the error can be "Fail to setup perf":

# ulimit -n
  1024        <------the max open files are 1024
# ./numatop
  NumaTOP is starting ...
  Fail to setup perf (probably permission denied)!

Need to enlarge the max open files:

# ulimit -n 8192
# ulimit -n
  8192        <------now the max open files are 8192

Supported Kernels

The recommended kernel version is the latest stable kernel, currently 4.15.

The minimum kernel version supported is 3.16

For Haswell supporting, please also apply a perf patch on 3.16. The patch is kernel_patches/0001-perf-x86-Widen-Haswell-OFFCORE-mask.patch.

The patch can also be found at following link:


common: common code for all platforms.

x86 : Intel and AMD platform-specific code.

powerpc: PowerPC platform-specific code.

test : mgen source code. mgen is a micro-test application which can generate memory access with runtime latency value among CPUs. Note that this application is only used for numatop testing!

kernel_patches: the required kernel patches.

Supported Hardware

numatop is supported on Intel Xeon processors: 5500-series, 6500/7500-series, 5600 series, E7-x8xx-series, and E5-16xx/24xx/26xx/46xx-series.

E5-16xx/24xx/26xx/46xx-series had better be updated to latest CPU microcode (microcode must be 0x618+ or 0x70c+).

To learn about NumaTOP, please visit

PowerPC Support

NumaTOP is also supported on PowerPC. Please check powerpc/FEATURES file for more details.


NumaTOP is an observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis of processes and threads running on a NUMA system.



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