Lognit command-line interface
Java Shell
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curl -s nit.lognit.com | sudo sh

To install in /usr/local instead of /usr:

curl -s nit.lognit.com | PREFIX=/usr/local sudo sh

Installing another version:

curl -s nit.lognit.com | sudo sh -s 1.2


First, connect to a server:

$ nit -s myserver

Then start using it!

$ nit '*'                 #searches everything
$ nit '*' -f              #searches everything, follows new messages
$ nit -i                  #requests current server message
$ nit 'abcd' -n 50 -f     #searches for 'abcd', last 50 messages, following new messages
$ nit 'abcd' -t 1         #searches for 'abcd', but waits only 1 second to all lognit nodes to respond.

More usage options:

$ nit --help