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@goeland86 goeland86 released this Jan 29, 2017 · 86 commits to master since this release

The original image was bad. A bug slipped through my checks and the original image did not flash. Corrective upload is Kamikaze-2.1.0b with an md5sum to verify the image is the correct one and wasn't corrupted upon download.

On linux/MacOS to check the file wasn't corrupted on download, have both the img.xz file and .md5 file in the same folder. Then run md5sum -c Kamikaze-2.1.0b.img.xz.md5

Kamikaze 2.1.0

It's here. You've waited, and I hope it's worthwhile. Special thanks go to @GearheadRed and @manbehindthemadness for their help, as well as to everyone who's tried the 2.1.0-RC versions and provided feedback!

Wiki page

With @eliasbakken we've discussed and come up with the idea to have a wiki page per kamikaze version. It will hopefully make things a bit cleaner in the long run. Here is the Wiki for Kamikaze 2.1

We'll always add a link at the top of the current page to get back to the previous version's wiki page if you haven't upgraded yet.

Changes from 2.0.8:

  • Network is no longer managed by connman but by NetworkManager instead. Use nmtui to easily manage your network connections
  • Octoprint 1.3.1 with extra plugins
    • FileManager - take full advantage of the new folder support in OctoPrint to organize your files!
    • FullFeaturedSlicer - you now have a truly standalone way to manage your prints
  • Redeem and Toggle master branches from 24 Jan 2017
    • Special thanks to @wiley for his work on Redeem. A lot of it is in master now, and more is currently in the develop branch
  • Samba shared folders to manage the files on Octoprint from your computer through a network shared folder
  • usbreset utility, if your webcam or USB peripheral starts acting up you can reset the connection without unplugging
  • mjpg-streamer installed out of the box - plug in your webcam and see timelapses directly!
  • Default octoprint configuration prepared for mjpg-streamer and custom commands for Replicape
    • Restart Redeem
    • Restart Toggle
  • Default root password is no longer blank - it was set to kamikaze
  • Less space needed! Because we kept the essentials and cleared the rest, the image uses 1.3GB on the eMMC. If you have an older BeagleBone you no longer need to run from an SD card!


If you want to keep your redeem and toggle local.cfg files, as well as octoprint configuration (and why wouldn't you?!?), these steps will let you backup the relevant files and restore them after flashing the new image.

  1. Startup your BBB with the previous version
  2. Insert the micro-SD card into the BBB
  3. SSH into the Beaglebone black and run the following bash commands:
    mkfs.vfat /dev/mmcblk1p1
    mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /mnt/
    tar -cvf /mnt/backup.tar /etc/redeem /home/octo/.octoprint /etc/toggle
    umount /mnt
  4. Remove the SD card from the BBB, and load it in your computer.
  5. Copy the file backup.tar to some place safe on your computer
  6. Flash the Kamikaze 2.1.0 image with Etcher onto the SD card you just used, If you use wifi, temporarily connect through the USB's network interface to use nmtui to setup your wifi connection
  7. Insert the now-Kamikaze SD card into the computer, format it to FAT32 and copy backup.tar back at the root
  8. Then execute the following script on Kamikaze 2.1.0 as root through SSH:
    mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /mnt
    cd /mnt
    tar -xvf backup.tar
    cp -r /mnt/etc/redeem/local.cfg /etc/redeem/local.cfg
    cp -r /mnt/etc/toggle/local.cfg /etc/toggle/local.cfg
    cp -r /mnt/home/octo/.octoprint /home/octo/
    cd ~
    umount /mnt
    chown -R octo:octo /etc/redeem/
    chown -R octo:octo /etc/toggle/
    chown -R octo:octo /home/octo

IMPORTANT: depending on what your previous version of Kamikaze/Redeem was, some of the variable names in local.cfg may now be outdated. If you fail to connect to /dev/octoprint_1 after the restart in step 8 above, this may be the reason. To verify that it is indeed a configuration issue, connect via SSH and run systemctl status redeem -l -n 100

Here is the main parameter name that has changed since Kamikaze 2.0.8:

temp_chart_e is now sensor_e, and similarly for the bed and the H extruder and if you have them installed

If you have issues downloading from github

I have uploaded a copy of the image to Google Drive:

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