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This repository has been archived by the owner on Nov 8, 2022. It is now read-only.

Releases: intelsdi-x/snap


13 Sep 20:55
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bc738d5 Updated - added mention about separated snap-cli repo (#1732)
c78db8d Add streaming documentation (#1728)
90ebeef Added directory with licenses of 3rd party components
fefaf0d Nominating Klaudiusz Dembler for snap maintainer (#1726)
b2d9472 Add plugins to plugins.yml
fb75e81 Add documentation for API v2 (#1727)
85afbb3 Fix issue #1721 about snap-plugin--csvreader
2c68a98 Technical Lead position update
84ef5a9 Documentation for stand-alone mode & plugin diagnostics (#1719)
f040984 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
83966f4 Adds gometalinter to travis
7779672 Add standalone support to API v2
ec626b0 Include supported info in plugins.yml
b3563eb upgrade to use go1.8.1 for go-swagger
afa5d01 merged Liz's comment
0ed57be changed the certs and key using path instead of contents
25d1302 incorporated iza's feedback 2
ca16ca1 incorporated iza's feedback
25d1be4 SDI-2730: Add SSL/TLS capability to snap-cli
0a6f121 Added comments
73259b1 changed the certs and key using path instead of contents
ec06e39 Fix table formatting in
9a9f894 Update
e5d973b Logs now shows complete error with fields
e71f076 incorporated iza's feedback 2
b0dd0d7 incorporated iza's feedback
feb1987 SDI-2730: Add SSL/TLS capability to snap-cli
b04104e Update REST API v1 documentation
076f11d Removed ceph plugin binary which had been added by mistake
7c8106f Update gifs to snaptel/snapteld for tribe doc
268dd3e Closes #1137 - more detailed error message
2c0478a Communicate taskID to streaming plugins
4aa4401 Fix #1393 change namespace used in ConfigPolicy in mock2-grpc
ddf8fb7 support for streaming plugins:
ce7ded8 Update plugins.yml
df23ca1 Fix so plugin will get unloaded and tasks disabled after plugin killed
b05093c Fix publishers and processors subscription
6b51352 Update TLS encryption documentation to describe operations with stand-alone plugins


14 Jul 18:47
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f74521d Update s3 deploy keys
f9eaeb5 Adds new aws keys
f4df5b4 Fixed #1675: Updated exemplary streaming collector plugin
8185b92 Block unloading plugin which is used by running task
4730f14 Update
c5c37bb Added checking the value of set password flag (expressed by usage '-p' or SNAP_REST_PASSWORD env var)
9fdcbb6 Fixed #1649 - incremented interval for tested task to 20ms
0050af4 Adds support for streaming collectors
20d886f Cheers to former maintainers 🙌
a8feb4d Clarifying hit_count is successful runs
7fa7108 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
7138d52 Added RDT collector to plugin catalog
92361be Address comments in review
af2daf2 Fixed #1660: better not authorized handling for API V2
2263be7 Update ConfigValue type in grpc assert
c1a0e5c added unauthorized response code to the rest api v2
1c3ee4b Add Swagger dependency auto installation
f40efa1 Updates to Contributing Guidelines
dabb2ab added basic authentication to V2 API
b1b8610 Add documentation for obtaining TLS certificates for Snap
cce62b7 -- Added testing for standalone plugin -- Added PluginUri* to fixtures, updated dependencies -- Added cmd ops to start/kill standalone plugin during tests -- Updated returnPluginDetails for standalone plugin to capture additional details -- Fixed import listing order -- Updated plugin-lib-go to latest commit version (to include --stand-alone flags) -- Updated fixtures/tests to use mock-grpc plugin for stand-alone testing -- Fixed golang formatting
05da827 Added link to large test status (jenkins)
9d1022d Added diamond collector to plugin catalog
177eea9 Added default config file - snapteld.conf
04758bc Updated snap-config-sample files: added "Notice" to yaml, uniformity config values Renaming snapclt-config-sample.json to snaptel-config-sample.json
137c904 Update documentation with Swagger requirement and fix Travis Swagger installation
958f559 Added new plugins to plugin catalog
0d2f5ee Made Snap work with go-swagger only
d626a34 Correcting sub-bullet spacing
cb68359 Fixes #1618
7aff489 Document Snap with valid swagger spec
f09abc5 Adds support for loading remote plugins
f2bae04 Addressed comments in review
c1d1fd0 revert formatting changes so that gofmt check doesn't complain
23b70ea Address issues in code review
040a3d3 Minor formatting issue
85f55f0 Address further comments in review
2c6732b Add documentation
9365564 Address comments in review
b2b4bf4 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
4b26501 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
5e69931 Complete support for TLS.
3423948 Address changes in review
6d6b411 [WIP: do-not-merge] Preliminary support for configuring TLS channel between framework and plugin
3224b9f Added new plugins to plugin catalog: - snap-plugin-publisher-slack - snap-plugin-processor-change-detector - snap-plugin-processor-tags-filter - snap-plugin-processor-threshold - snap-plugin-collector-influxdb-data
9f64383 Fixes #1614 - Protect cleanup code of plugin unload
127640e Add missing newline to recognize build tags
bb86019 Centered image in
1b7e0ae Fixes #1582: Snap framework panics when using auto_discover_path feature and REST API is down
c21b27d Feature: New Relic collector plugin.
6ab21ce Fixes #1598 and #1601 - ability to stop tasks gracefully
8f59234 Remove duplicate function for getPluginType:
cb0164e Add check plugin type as integer
10b1e5d fix paragraph appearance
e1c8da6 Plugin initiated workflow might be stopped without panic
c96203d Fixed flaky test in windowed schedule and added method to proceed task disabling
9a32c87 Fixes #1576 - flakey tests scheduler
052c0eb fix paragraph appearance
19bacbb fix code area appearance
de9dc9f Fix: #1578 Fix typo in snapteld configuration file
8f6ec1f Update
d7b7a96 Provided snaptel command usage after error message
30089dd Add verbs to error message
65c9ee1 Improved error messaging for plugin unload Changed the error message to more appropriate one for plugin swap when ver < 1
44f4418 Fixed flaky tests in scheduler
4b98fbb Adds event listener to avoid sleep statements
4f681cb Extended sleep duration by 100 ms to allow to complete post-schedule activities
c535438 Added checking if provided temp_dir_path exists
0ac530a Added 32-bit build (#1563)
c592966 disable parallel xargs where not supported (i.e. on busybox)
b3e990f Run task count times (available for simple and window schedule)
f116642 Add plugin entropy
cc39d1a Use configured temp directory when loaded a plugin through the autodiscovery path
718bc2d Fixes #1477, Added information about not recommended characters as a namespace separators in the task manifest
d5fa392 Fixed tables formatting
89c7f33 Fixes #1550, checking number of namespace elements in requested metric
fa80d3f Fixes #1105, logging plugin's response to stdout on plugin load error


15 Mar 17:39
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9677fd5 Scheduled workflow execution immediately - applicable for simple and windowed schedule, not applicable for cron shedule
6542d89 Fixes #1438, set standard logger as a logger for grpc
6f7c706 SDI-2480: Update aci version that removes dependency on kubernetes
a7d4bc1 Adds streaming capability to Snap
b5ec78f Adds streaming schedule type
d4b65a5 Adds grpc streaming client
94c5bfc Added grpc streaming definitions
0d41fe9 Support Environment variables for CLI options
d364e37 Fixes #1521: Snaptel hang on task watch
a7819e0 Fixed #1520 - Ended task can be removed
1a415fa Fixes #1502 - plugins are run from tmp dir on all code paths
70d5b5e Fixes #1482, removed unsafe double RLock in (p *pool) SelectAP
8eb0d7c Fixes #1532
877f1b5 Remove Jolokia collector plugin from wishlist
c5ea754 Updated documentation for large tests
3b83b53 Enables cgo for freebsd builds
a57fd48 Adds '/usr/bin/env bash' for portability
b08312d Uses filepath.join instead of path.join
1b5b6b7 Adds building binaries for Windows
50d5776 Improves portability of GOOS and GOARCH
8c0abcd Fixes #1515
09ddbf9 SDI-1659: support for CORS header


10 Feb 18:50
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9b06cc8 (SDI-2475) Configure the TempDir where the API loads plugins.
d037dc0 Fix #1499 update explaination to auto-discovery plugin.
86375d9 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
56f18ef add warp10 publisher plugin
565d706 Added new plugins
70266cd fixes #1495: apply plugins defaults after config
bd290fb Adding timeout setting to snaptel
fc34b69 Define Plugin Status types
e741f41 Add version 2 rest api
13f1b6d Adding timeout to Snap REST client
2bce7ed Added publisher for AWS SQS
da7e778 Move v1 under mgmt/rest/v1
16da9b2 Add API interface
389d7fe Merge branch 'master' into v2_rest_api
a0a2f99 Adjusted Plugin Catalog explanation
0b36a9e Fix glide path
375c969 Added publisher plugin for SignalFx
731ba2b Add section on how plugin catalog works.
ab493f4 Updates based on feedback
4bcb487 Refactoring contributor documentation
a65fcd4 Some typos
6335901 Add debug log instructions for Snap.
c1ba9e6 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
19a1c23 Corrected maintainers' usernames
dfa12f2 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
b96982f Changed the entry to reflect correct repo location
8eee8eb (SDI-2393) Fix #1448 log and document maxpluginrestart
2410d55 Fix #1453 clarify installation process
7b01c63 Support global tags in global config
87981e8 Update plugins.yml
d22ff96 Returns the correct err
9694f0d Fixes #1450 - check publish response for error
7277e73 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
3e2dd25 Removed a useless UnmarshalJSON method
cd126c3 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
5ee89f2 Add new raintank plugins.
708da9f Apply standard tag before workflow tags
b2b0669 Clean up some code
1e42208 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
180c2f6 Added use collector to the plugin list
9e3af4a Add additional package info and scsi plugin.
cf28004 Add to documentation instal option for Linux Mint
891564c Interpolate environment variable
09cb932 Circonus publisher
5f1e84f SDI-2274: GRPC based collectors must provide LastAdvertisedTime or framework panics
20cf6c9 changed the gif location as Olivier suggested
1dd55b3 SDI-2267L update acbuild git
274bcb0 Fixes #1246: Makes plugin restart limit configurable
64bbb50 Update plugins.yml
ff7408e adding collector plugin sessioninfo
c2fa7a4 symlinks handling during plugins autodiscovery fixes #1332
463df41 README updates
c8b42bf update docs/ by pluginsync tool
f765307 Added V2 routes for tribe:
9921521 Created V2 API routes for Metric and Tasks:


29 Nov 18:15
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3f116fb Added snap-plugin-collector-schedstat to the plugin list
ea6f80b Add additional snap plugins.
9b78b3e Added missing license header
d8cd3f4 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
8384572 Updated docs for 1.0:
8d0caf0 Capitalized Snap in flags
eff0553 Fix typo
33e2b5c Updated README with latest dl links
486d573 (maint) Add new snap plugins.
d5bcd4d Fix snaptel environment variable.
696219a Adding Slack svg to README
b18b542 Removing Slackin svg
73c8f5c Removes extremely verbose debug log line from tribe.
edb037f Update Getting-started section in
8c86419 Update (#1371)
7042c78 Added mkdir to Makefile to create sbin and bin


21 Nov 20:22
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fc2219a (SDI-2199) snaptel/snapteld documentation changes
d1c48a8 (SDI-2199) Fix #1344 binary change to snaptel/snapteld
4f18cec Removed from root. Duplicate exists in docs.
5a1ef6f Changes to maintainers list for readability:
f5c75ea Updated Maintainers information in
aa0a28c Adds IdleConnTimeout to transport in client
ba03a62 Designing glossary of terms + doc edits 🍬
2cc9d2e (SDI-2180) Removed Roadmap section from
58b1d16 Adds support for plugin pkgs w\ multiple commands
1982df5 Adds "test-all" to makefile
a3510e3 Makes plugin healthchecks less aggressive
213ef0e (SDI-1827): Fix #1128 Loading collector twice causes task failure
187ee6a updated snap-plugin-lib-go version in glide.lock
16a8c93 SDI-2081: expand supported types for grpc
924cf8d Avoid leaking http.Transports.
7b23de9 Fixes #1324: Properly closes connections in tribe
a1fce14 Added Code Of Conduct
ab995cd Spelling/Grammar fix
1163dd8 Capitalized Snap in documentation
65b9bdf (maint) remove binary from repo
0a7ad73 Updated documentation for profiling tools
ef8a71f (SDI-2181) document new plugin authoring and publishing
9e95275 Update dependency with plugin lib
02173c0 Updated roadmap in
aaea0d3 (docs) Update README regarding package conflicts.
4152004 Update glide.lock and routes
bb06420 Add http endpoints to use profiling tools


08 Nov 22:12
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89f4299 Corrected some misspellings
59c2406 Fixed broken link
6799114 Fixed flaky control_test
3676037 (docs) Add homebrew to installation methods.
252bb3e Added docs/
280b3b6 Removed JSON RPC
4b8f7af Renamed variables in fixtures.go and tests files
5cd4a8b Removes commented out code from scheduler.go
5107f20 Fix path to plugins.yml
ddd4e78 Updated - moved text to the next line
3ad687b Fixes #1134, fixed support for windowed schedule
3caa69c Beta logo added to
0a24c85 Rename Pulse to Snap in graphic
00d468d Minor spelling and grammatical corrections in docs
836d87e Fix get config policy rules from plugin catalog
cf7034f (maint) update README to snap 0.17.0 release.
216cd4f SDI-2115: remove metric.String() in plugin-lib-go
908767e Deprecated JSON RPC - added deprecation warning
1cb9bcf Changed aplugin to plugin_name:
0a30d04 Separated Go RPC code from other code:
86c07c1 Removed JSON RPC from tests cases
42cc1a6 (SDI-2092) Update README Getting started section


20 Oct 21:42
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a663ef3 (SDI-2138) build binaries on git tag
f1769ce (SDI-2055) Update readme - added 'Security Disclosure' section
9b58132 Feature: #1298 Add Tribe member's address to tags
28caf0d Changed mock1 collector RPC Type: from JSONRPC to default NativeRPC
7fad4d1 (SDI-2056) Update contributing - added 'Reporting Security Issues' section
ea03a4e (maint) fix find flag for linux.
3eb46a3 (maint) remove release from pre_deploy step.
e79d5fd dealt with more places that use slash as the separator of namespace
85b60c9 SDI-2101:issue1273 Fixed the parseNamespace to allow arbitary separators
29a0b15 Cleaning of examples/ folder
37fdcf2 Fix #1230: Return execute errors if plugin never starts
b73747e (maint) add default and parallel builds.
76815d4 update docs/ by pluginsync tool
238c8d4 Updated documentation on in response to GH#749:
ffdd8d9 Fix 1233: Removed printing of headers in snapctl
2283c8d Fix for issue #1167, added handling of errors which are returned by scanner
92e2486 Fixes #1228 - metric request ambiguous
f8a9910 SDI-1725:issue1234: RFC: Arbitrary namespace separator
ca8d0fc Fix #1264 make install works with new build path
92097f5 Changed keyNode types to use embedded types
1677032 Update plugins list
460eb92 (SDI-2036) Fix s3 output path to snap
068def9 Fixes #1222 Applies config defaults
54afc0e Improved readability of v1 tests:
28ac45f Remove unused error variable.
d969354 Removes regexp checking of config namespaces in wmap
2f90c2d Wrote V1 Rest API Validation Tests:
7746a24 Fix #1240:Modifies GetAll and proto to not use dot separator
bd25750 Adds default value for a float rule handling
5908fc7 Update config policy rules in plugin examples
5045863 (SDI-1724) Fix #1045: Adds ascii art to indicate Snap has started.
f82ec6e Adding docs/plugins.yml to generate Plugin Catalog
513b401 (SDI-1748) Organize Plugin Catalog by type
fea7d5e Refactor code to use key function
e3ce8f9 Fix #1211: Return a more detailed error if plugin is not found when starting a task.
676744b (SDI-2036) Fix #1205 add darwin to binary release
c73bde7 Use positional arguments for unloading plugins
b6427d0 Fixes #1229: Empty metric catalog no longer errors
5e83d04 Fixes #1214: makes hostname a stored var with a 1 hour ttl when applying tags, unknown hosts will be labeled not_found
3b2b54b Fix #1210: Do not start plugins unless all plugins are available for workflow
3eda2bd Updating tribe doc to avoid port conflict
e182c1c Support specifying an instance of dynamic metric
005272f Fixes #1154: Moved sorting function to REST API so tasks are ordered by creation time
a13b2bf Add dep
61cdef6 Add glide.lock to repository


16 Sep 23:29
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v0.16.1-beta Pre-release

This is a feature identical release to v0.16.0. This release uses an annotated git tag so the snapd/snapctl binary reports the correct version information.


16 Sep 21:51
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v0.16.0-beta Pre-release


5d31ecb Fixes #1204: Missing dependency "snap-plugin-lib-go" in glide.yaml
27e5322 Added netstat plugin and rearranged community plugins into alphabetical order
0922dec gRPC implementation of mock2 collector
c642b0c Updating Wish List design
491cbee Prepared anothermock1 collector for incoming specified dynamic metric
c98e195 Prepared mock2 collector for incoming specified dynamic metric
55a683b Prepared mock1 collector for incoming specified dynamic metric
b425920 Expose plugin load timeout as a configurable option
8ad971e Add an arbitrary separator for plugin keys
5eec59c Properly logs reason for killing a plugin.
bd7ce23 Plugin name is not case sensitive
372cdb1 General code cleanup
92d4272 Fixes #1142: Handle hanging plugin
867cbcb Changed API logging to Debug level
ff0949d Adds plugin packaging doc
fe99808 Added functionality for environment variables in SNAP_PATH
9756cf4 Fix #1130: Validate task workflow and schedule when creating task request.
630c119 Error handling instead of panic, year corrected in license
08f7748 Error handling instead of panic, year corrected in license
fbde67a gRPC version of mock-file publisher
18bb38a gRPC version of passthru processor plugin
1916ea0 Fix #1157: Check for unsupported keys in task manifests
ed7caa9 Added option to line 430
9b7898e added Perfmon in the plugin wish list
7ef8a45 Fixed Bug #1042 Snapctl error message should truncate
f31a11a Updates gitignore
f401d01 Addresses PR comments
2c9004f Adds bool type to grpc Metric data
335cd6c Adds the use of appropriate log levels
3d8056a Removes the plugin log file created by the legacy client lib
9eaab0d Updates grpc/proto versions to GA releases
95b10ee Adding explanation of plugin folder
ded3891 Makes plugins used in example tasks consistent
f131ba3 Move makeSchedule tests from core/task_medium_test.go to core/schedule_small_test.go
8741dc2 Rename core/task_test.go to core/task_medium_test.go and set build flag to medium
e2aca1c Rename marshalTask and MarshalBody functions to match what they actually do
9bf04bb Fixed rpclogger issue
2d9ba06 Address PR comments
ce765fc Move version check into validateTask()
df51bec Update to repository labeling strategy
168d842 Updates scheduler managesMetrics interface
a1e7df2 Changes mock1 back to JSONRPC
e908e65 Updates controlproxy to match new managesMetrics
7f3fa5b Fixes issues in cpolicy where merge would modify caller
f7767bd Updates plugin and client packages
d971fba Updates control package to use metrics throughout
2afb26b Migrates control to use subscription groups
131543d Adds subscription groups
3e91e77 Revert "Simplified interaction between scheduler and control"
63211ac Migrates control to use subscription groups
c97f824 Adds subscription groups
e679a34 Fix #1129: Validate task manifest schedule exists and is not empty
efd9825 Fix #1136: Log better error message when generating workflow fails
e8a77d3 Fixes #1126: Adds code to consistently apply CLI parameters when creating a task using snapctl
d841046 Changed blueflood plugin type from collector to publisher
20dd9fc Update plugin catalog to include blueflood plugin
30aa88d Fixes #1118 (#1122)
d9d335b Added USE plugin collector to the plugin catalog
8dfc2f0 Fixes #1113: removes fixed 'max-failure' value from task creation
78975c2 Separation of make and make install. Revert of #1094.
b0f3f3f Added Anomaly Detection plugin to the PLUGIN CATALOG
4833736 Fixes #1104: skips non-executable plugins in auto_discover path
b238fd7 Add travis branch to folder name.
7b49bae Change s3 bucket and create latest snap build.
af8e0af Fix of issue #1096: Task creation errors are not displayed anymore
f6d4ee9 Glide with semver dependencies.
803840c make: Change make install to build snap
b12c950 Fixes #1061: ensures that all instances of a running plugin are stopped/killed on unload
667e7fb Updating wishlist items
ff4be19 Adding a set of new plugins! 🎁🐢⚡️
1aab164 Add build matrix and use full git sha
5c20663 docs: add missing definition for space
b8304e2 Store build binary in S3.
30478b7 Adds support for passing the query as a parameter
887476d Rename snap plugin to match existing convention.
3ae67ba Fix for issue #1048: Invalid API response returned by mock collector
189f94c Fixed #1080 rules for int/floats crash plugins
6288d66 Adds event manager to tribe
0987d52 Attempts to address a flakey tribe test
78ea8aa Fixes #1075 - control.FetchMetrics does not return latest metric when version is < 0
d484d3e Updated influxdb-grafana example #1054
b8534f9 cli error handling updated for snapctl