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__NAME__ purpose
specify subroutine to invoke when users' electronic cart contents change
__NAME__ missing
__NAME__ see also
CartTrigger, CartTriggerQuantity
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain'><replaceable>subroutine_name</replaceable></arg>
__NAME__ description
The directive specifies name of the &PERL; subroutine to be invoked
when users' electronic &glos-cart; contents change. The subroutine can
be defined on both global and catalog level.
The subroutine executes whenever the contents of users' cart are changed via
the standard means available through the &glos-CGI; variable space.
The subroutine will be executed per-change, such that any page process
resulting in multiple alterations to the cart will potentially call this
function multiple times.
The specified function is invoked with the reference to the cart item
in question. The function's return value is not used.
__NAME__ notes
It must be noted that the &IC; cart subsystem is based on arrayrefs of hashrefs
(all &PERL; programming terms) &mdash; there is no object encapsulation for
limiting or monitoring program access to the contents of any cart.
Consequently, direct manipulation of the &glos-cart; from within &PERL;
<emphasis role='bold'>will not</emphasis> cause this function to be invoked. The
triggers only fire when the cart contents are modified through the standard
Interchange &glos-CGI;-based variable processing. Therefore, it is assumed
that any programmer sufficiently comfortable or
confident to manipulate cart contents directly can also be given the
responsibility of deciding whether or not it is appropriate to manually invoke
this function.
This &glos-configuration; directive is very similar to &conf-CartTrigger;
and &conf-CartTriggerQuantity;, the two more recent and flexible options.
__NAME__ example: Specifying __FILENAME__
__FILENAME__ cart_item_update
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