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__NAME__ purpose
specify variables and filters through which they should be run through automatically
__NAME__ see also
__NAME__ synopsis
<arg choice='plain' rep='repeat'>
__NAME__ description
The directive specifies one or more &glos-filter;s
that should automatically be applied to &glos-CGI;
That way, by the time you get to call &tag-cgi;, the
variable value is already filtered and ready for use.
__NAME__ example: Automatically filtering "mail_lists" variable
Some variables submitted by the user come back null-separated, such as
values from multi-select boxes where the selected items are separated
by null (<literal>\0</literal>) characters. To automatically change those
nulls to spaces, you could use this directive:
Filter mail_lists null_to_space
__NAME__ example: Applying multiple filters to a variable
Filter firstname "lc ucfirst"
__NAME__ notes
You could also use the &tag-filter; tag, but in the long
run the &conf-Filter; approach reduces typing and minimizes the chance
of omission.
__NAME__ missing
More examples
It filters only CGI vars, right?