Converts variables to String for easy logging
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Log Normalizer

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Parses variables and converts them to string so that they can be logged

Based on the Monolog formatter/normalizer.

How to use

Initialisation in your class

use InterfaSys\LogNormalizer\Normalizer;

$normalizer = new Normalizer();

The constructor supports the following optional arguments

  • int $maxRecursionDepth: The maximum depth at which you want to go in objects and arrays
  • int $maxArrayItems: The maximum number of elements you want to show, when parsing an array or an object
  • string $dateFormat: The format to apply to dates

Format variables before logging them

This is what your logging function could look like

 * Converts the variables in the received log message to string before
 * sending everything to the real logger
 * @param string $level
 * @param string $message
 * @param array $variables
 * @return mixed
public function log($level, $message, array $variables= []) {
	array_walk($variables, [$this->normalizer, 'format']);
	// Then use your current PSR-3 compatible logging system
	$this->logger->log($level, $message, $variables);

And you would call it like this from another class

	'Logger test {var1}, {var2}',
		'var1' => $var1,
		'var2' => $var2

Convert a single variable to a string

$normalizedVariable = $this->normalizer->format($variable);