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Router and Route Manager for Interledger-style addressing
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(BETA Stage) Router and Route Manager for Interledger-style addressing

NPM Package CircleCI




Stand alone router for ilp address space. Contains a routing table and a forwarding routing table. Routing table is used to determine where the nextHop is based on a given address. The forwarding routing table is used to broadcasting routes to peers.


A route manager that deals with adding/removing peers and adding/removing routes for given peers. Based on these it will update the routing table accordingly.

Note CCP is outside the scope of the functionalities of this library.


All source code is expected to be TypeScript and is placed in the src folder. Tests are put in the test folder.

The NPM package will not contain any TypeScript files (*.ts) but will have typings and source maps.


  • clean : Cleans the build folder and test output
  • build : Build the project
  • lint : Run the linter over the project
  • test : Run the unit tests and produce a code coverage report
  • doc : Build the docs


  • Add Logging
  • Add example file
  • Add Auth
  • Add weight to lessen the need for relations to be used
  • Add Performance Regression
  • Increase test coverage
  • Ensure adding and removing routes are deterministic and no race conditions exist
  • Add dragon filtering back to the layer between the routing and forwarding routing table
  • Create a more favorable data structure for Peers incoming routes table. One way this can be achieved is having a write heavy data structure that is read fast. (This is probably preferable.)

Future notes/reading

Implement BGP type path based filtering Multipath could also be an interesting area to pursue.

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